Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Warm and Sunny day in Florida

...which is why I love to train outside whenever possible. For me, training in the natural environment as opposed to in a globo-gym like setting is the way to go. I love playing fields; soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields, you name it. Something about the playing field takes me back to my youth, the smell of the grass, the feel of the air and the openness to run, jump, twist, turn and perform other athletic movements that have become so foreign to most of us adults. I try and get out of the gym atmosphere (my garage is the only inside gym I train at) whenever I can and act like a kid again.


Sprint 400m one time
Sprint 300m two times
Sprint 200m three times
Sprint 100m four times

I rested 3 minutes between EACH sprint. During those three minutes I worked on handstands in the open field. Even with two straight days of gymnastics work and lot of stress on the wrists, forearms and shoulders, the handstands were very solid. Every few months I begin to feel a new "movement" or position I SHOULD be in when performing handstands and other gymnastic skills. I felt that new "movement" today and my handstands are really starting to come around. I am building tremendous strength throughout the shoulder girdle and my body weight (in certain progressions) is becoming easier and easier to throw around.

As far as rest and recovery go, I have been very lucky. The last two shifts (48hrs) that I have worked, my busy rescue unit has been, to say the least...not so busy. I've ran a total of two calls, no transports and have slept all night both nights. This, of course is following a full moon (for all you superstitious folks out there) where we had our assess handed to us with call after non-sense call. As I stated earlier in the week, this was the first of 3 straight 48hr shifts I have scheduled. I'll be back at work tomorrow and Friday with my next day off not until Saturday.

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