Monday, September 27, 2010

Heavy Iron and Bodyweight Combo

Monday 9/27/10

Coffee with heavy whipping cream honey in the morning.

Walked Yogi for an hour.


Warm-up: 10 or 15 minutes

Muscle-ups: 1x5 @ bodyweight, 2x3 @ 17lbs., 1x2 @ 35lbs., Even with the wrist support, my sweaty, slippery grip gave way.
Kettlebell clean and jerks: 1x5 @ 70lbs., 1x5 @ 40lbs., 1x3 @ 55lbs., 1x3(each arm) @ 70lbs.

Weighted pull/chin-ups:
1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x5 @ 55lbs. 1x3 @ 70lbs. 1x2 @ 105lbs., 1x1 @ 105lbs.
Pistols: 1x5 @ bodyweight, 1x5 @ 17lbs., 1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x3 @ 55lbs., 1x3 @ 70lbs., (PR) with 3 reps, Usually, I only get 2 reps.

Walked for another 25 minutes but jumped over peoples' trashcans in the process. Later, as I was down the street, I caught two of the neighbors (who were benching in the garage as I passed by) jumping over garbage cans to. Pretty funny.

Kettlebell swings:
1x10 each arm @ 35 lbs., 1x10 each arm @ 55lbs., 1x10 (both arms) @ 70lbs.
Vertical jumps: (onto the hood of my Tacoma).


Brunch: Big spinach salad with mixed peppers, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, lots of olive oil and balsamic vinegar and 3 organic Italian sausages.

Organic chicken soup with zucchini, squash, potatoes, yucca, celery, carrots and various spices. Two glasses of some of the best red wine I've ever had. Wente Vineyards Estate Grown, Southern Hills Cabernet Sauvignon, Livermore Valley, San Francisco Bay 2007

Dessert: 72% Dark chocolate (pretty good) 90% Dark chocolate (EVEN BETTER) Both were from Lindt. Didn't realize the 90% was that good. Actually, I didn't even realize they made a 90&. Awesome.
Wednesday 9/22/10

No workout. Just walked Yogi for about an hour.

Coffee in the morning.

Can't remember what I ate for breakfast/lunch but I ate a ton of Canadian pulled pork and a spinach salad from Whole foods for dinner. Then, I went to work at 8:00 p.m. and practiced navigating the intracoastal waterway in St. Augustine at night. Fun stuff.

Thursday 9/23/10

Same as Wednesday, no workout, but dog walking.

Coffee in the morning.

Breakfast/lunch: Rotisserie chicken with a huge spinach salad with mixed vegetables.

Dinner: Yep, this is where it gets fun. Mar and I had our friends Jason and Jen over for dinner before they left for Hawaii for two weeks. Lots of food eaten and wine drank.

Chicken Bryan recipe (from Carraba's) with grilled asparagus, Champagne, red wine (Cabernet), white wine (Chardonnay), and lots of chocolate (with and without strawberries), ice cream with granola and honey. Yep, good stuff.

Friday 9/24/10

Coffee in the morning with just heavy cream.


Incline dumbbell flyes:
1x5 @ 40lbs., 1x5 @ 50lbs., 1x5 @ 55lbs., 1x4 @ 60lbs.,
Horizontal bar rows: 4x7 @ bodyweight.

Incline dumbbell presses: 1x5 @ 50lbs., 1x5 @ 55lbs., 1x5 @ 60lbs., 1x5 @ 65lbs.
Assisted one-arm pull/chin-ups: 4x2 each arm.

10 all-out effort sprints for 10 seconds with approx. 3 minutes rest in between.

Leftover chicken and asparagus. Then, went to a Arend's 40th birthday party and had a couple of Margaritas, a few glasses of red wine and a bunch of pork and salad. Good stuff and fun times.

Saturday 9/25/10

Coffee in the morning.

At work. Did absolutely nothing today. No walk, no workout. Just slept, studied, and watched college football all day. Big time rest day!

Breakfast/lunch 11:00 a.m.:
4 hard boiled eggs with an avocado mixed with various spices and hot sauce. Mixed nuts (A LOT).

Dinner: 19:00 p.m.: Steak fajitas with a bunch of veggies, cheese, sour cream, salsa, avocado, and yes, black and re-fried beans. Damn good!

Sunday 9/26/10

French Press coffee in the morning.

No workout today. Walked Yogi for just over an hour and, then ate breakfast, foam rolled and stretched.

Breakfast: 11:00 a.m.:
3 scrambled eggs with 2 organic spicy Italian sausages with spinach, broccoli, peppers, onions, garlic, butter (lots) sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese, and hot sauce.

Foam rolled whole body for approx. half an hour and then worked up a good sweat out side simply by stretching my whole body for about half an hour. Feel pretty good today. Mind is clear, body feels great. Good stuff.

Went to the mall with my wife later in the day and walked around the shops. Then, went to Whole Foods with wife and brother-in-law to buy ingredients for dinner and, as always, over-consumed free cheese on display. Then, back over to the in-laws house for good company and good food... with of course, Yogi.

Dinner 1900 p.m.: Roasted and stuffed red peppers. Peppers were stuffed with ground beef, ground pork, and Parmesan and Seaside cheddar cheeses. Also, a spinach salad and a big ol' Arrogant Bastard hoppy, full-bodied, flavorful ale. Yum.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Make-up Surf Session and Heavy lifting

Tuesday 9/21/10

Early in the morning: two big cups of coffee right off the French Press with heavy whipping cream and honey.


Surfed for almost two hours and got worked by big, messy waves.


Warm-up with planks, pull-ups, push-ups and jump rope

One-arm dumbbell snatch: warm-up @ 35lbs. x 5 and 50lbs. x 5. Work sets: 65lbs. x 3, 80lbs. x3, 90lbs. x 2.
Explosive push-ups: (start from ground and push and catch on benches) 5x5.

Deadlifts: (single arm/single leg) 1x5 @ 100lbs., 1x5 @ 110lbs.
(regular deadlifts) 1x3 @185lbs., 1x3 @ 225lbs., 1x3 @ 275lbs., 1x2 @ 315lbs., 1x2 @ 330lbs.
Overhead Press: 1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x5 @ 50lbs., 1x4 @ 65lbs.,
(push press)1x3 @ 75lbs., 1x3 @ 80lbs.


13:30 Leftover chicken and lamb from the previous two nights with a spinach salad and mixed vegetables of broccoli, carrots, celery, and onions.

19:30 Grass-fed hamburgers with cheese, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, pickles, onions, tomatoes, Romaine lettuce, and Thousand Island dressing. Yes, I ate the bun!
Sweet potato fries
Two glasses of red wine; Sterling Vineyard Cabernet.
Lots of ice cream (an unspecified amount).

I felt REALLY good after today's surf session and the heavy weights. I felt even better later in the day. The words I keep using to describe how I feel today (physically) are "punchy, springy, light and supple." I feel like if jump, my head will go through the ceiling or if I sprint I'll just be too fast to slow down. Definitely a very good feeling to have. I hope I sleep just as good. My dinner more than made up for today's activity. My wife has been wanting to do burgers for a while and tonight was a great night to do them.

Rest Days and studying

Sunday 9/19/10

At work today. No walk, no workout. Just swam around in the ocean (rough and choppy) for about 15 minutes.

Breakfast: Big salad made of spinach, broccoli, onions, tomatoes, various peppers, feta cheese, 3 hard boiled eggs, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner: Handful of mixed nuts, roasted chicken with celery, broccoli, carrots, onions and TONS of extra virgin olive oil and butter and various other seasonings.

Monday 9/20/10

No workout but walked Yogi for an hour and then myself for another hour.

Breakfast: (Last night's dinner) roasted chicken with celery, broccoli, carrots, onions and TONS of extra virgin olive oil and butter and various other seasonings.

Dinner: Gouda cheese with a glass of red wine. Lamb loin chops and a spinach salad with two more glasses or red wine.

Today sucked, for the simple reason that the surf was one of the best days NE Florida has seen and I could not go. I had to study and then go to school. I'm really hoping to make up for it tomorrow. We'll see.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Surfing and Boxing

Saturday 9/18/10

Two big cups of coffee in the morning with heavy whipping cream and honey.


Surfed for 1.5 hours from 0800-0930.

Kickboxed: 12 x 3 minute rounds. In between rounds did bodyweight circuits of push-ups, ring rows, dips, inverted pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and pull-ups, in that order. Did basically 3 sets of each. Great workout. Walked the Yogi for about 20 minutes aferward.

I only ate once today because I ate too much after my workout and actually felt a little nauseous for a few hours following.

3 scrambled eggs with 5 pieces of bacon, spinach, peppers, onions, and Nicaragaun cheese.
Homemade smoothie of frozen blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and rasberries, one banana, coconut flakes, cocunut milk, almond milk, vanilla extract, cinammon, and some ice.

No dinner but I went to a birthday party and had two and half beers and two glasses of red wine, a Malbec and a Rioja.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm sore

Thursday 9/16/10

At work at the station today. No workout. Just walked for an hour and dipped in the ocean later in the day.

Two huge cups of coffee before work with heavy whipping cream and honey. 4 hard boiled eggs with one avocado and a bunch of spices drowned in Tabasco sauce. About 5-6 enormous handfuls of mixed nuts.

Dinner: Jason Green's chilli. Good stuff.


Breakfast: Two huge cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream and honey.

Surfed for 3 hours off the swell from Hurricane Igor. Came home and walked the dog and myself for an hour.

Lunch: Leftover baked chicken with celery, carrots, broccoli and a ton of EVOO.

Dinner: Grilled grassfed steak with sauteed onions and mushrooms in a white wine and balsamic vinegar sauce with parsley, salt and pepper. Side of grilled asparagus. Almost a whole bottle of Alteca; a red wine from Spain and 85% dark chocolate for dessert.

Planning on rising at about 5 A.M. tomorrow to enjoy some good coffee and to be at the beach by approx. 0645 and be in the water by 7 for more big surf. Yep, probably no workout again.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rest Day

Wednesday 9/15/10

Two big cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream and honey.

Walked for two hours.

Scrambled eggs with rotisserie chicken, spinach, broccoli, onions, garlic, mixed peppers, feta cheese, butter, and extra virgin olive oil. Espresso with heavy whipping cream

Dinner: Oven-baked chicken with carrots, celery, broccoli, onions, and 3 glasses of red wine.

No workout, foam rolling, or stretching today. Just a walk and Microbiology class/lab. The weather is starting to turn nice here in NE Florida. The color of the day is changing and the VERY end of the day is becoming more fall like; a tad cooler with a slight breeze. Another month or so and it'll basically be my favorite time of year.

Low key, Foam Rolling and Stretching

Tuesday 9/14/10


0800 - A dip in the ocean.
0900 - 1100 - Walked the dog (and then myself)
1615 - 1645 - Foam roll whole body
1700 - 1730 - Stretch whole body

No workout today (or probably for a few days), as I am only working out every 4-7 days (mimicking paleolithic/primal movement patterns/times, as much as we know) and, I'm utterly sore from Monday's workout. I walked for two hours this morning and then foam rolled for approx. 30 minutes and stretched for 30 minutes later in the evening. Recently there have been a number of "expert" bloggers who are against stretching. I actually gave it up for a while but have recently included it back into my life when I feel that I simply need a good stretch. It keeps me loose and limber and I like the way it feels so until otherwise, I will be incorporating more stretching.


I tend to eat a lot more on my non-workout days. I attribute this to a couple of things. One, being active, hence, working out, takes up time. I like to do the heavy weights/bodyweight stuff in the morning then, walk a little, stretch a little, etc., and therefore just don't really have the time to eat until much later. Second, working out is known (and I find this to be true for myself as well) to be a natural appetite suppressant so, I normally do not get hungry till much later in the day. With that being said, no workout today = more food today as noted below.

0530 - Two big cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream and coffee.
1200 - Breakfast/lunch: Scrambled eggs with rotisserie chicken, spinach, mixed peppers, onions, garlic, Nicaraguan cheese, and hot sauce. Smoothie made with mixed berries, a banana, coconut milk, almond milk, coconut flakes and, some ice.

1800 - 2000 - Dinner: Snacked on Gouda cheese and red wine before and while making dinner. Haddock fish fried in olive oil. Steamed broccoli with EVOO and various seasonings, BIG sweet potato with lots of butter and cinnamon. Another glass of Robert Mondavi 2005 Napa Cabernet. Yum.

Workout after an indulging weekend.

Monday 9/13/10

Warm-up with some dips, pull-ups, push-ups, jump rope and heavybag work.


Muscle-ups: 1x5 @ bodyweight, 1x5 @ 17lbs., 1x1 at 35lbs. (hands became to sweaty after this and could not continue muscle-ups.
Weighted pull-ups: 1x3 @35lbs., 1x3 @ 70lbs., 1x2 at 105lbs.
KB Clean and jerks: 1X5 @ 70lbs.(35lbs. each arm), 1x5 @ 80lbs. (40lbs. each arm), 1x5 @ 110lbs. (55lbs. each arm), 1x3 @ 70lbs.(each arm)

Band assisted one-arm pull-ups: 4x3
One-leg squats (pistols): 1x5 @ bodyweight, 1x5 @ 17lbs., 1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x3 @ 55lbs., 1x2 @70lbs.

Before the workout I walked the dog for an hour. During the workout I jumped rope and worked the heavybag. After the workout I walked for another workout to cool off.

This much needed activity was therapeutic given the weekend of "off-kilter" eating and drinking I consumed. NFL Football game mixed with excessive beer, wine, pizza, ice-cream and chocolate. Need I say more?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm a slacker

...and simply just haven't been posting. Below are some recent workouts that I've been doing. Basically, I've been doing two heavy weight or bodyweight workouts a week with a sprint workout every 7-10 days. I've been very consistent with this kinda/sorta routine for a few months. I've significantly increased the weight in some of my lifts, most notably with the deadlift and snatch. However, on the days that I am doing these workouts I've noticed that "workout time" has gotten a little long for my liking. My last workout was well over an hour and I like to keep things 45 minutes or less. Also to note, my neck has been more stiff than usual and also seems to tighten up even more when I'm surfing; too much shoulder and trap involvement I presume. I'm going to keep the number of days I lift to only two still but, will move back to solely bodyweight stuff again as I find it is more conducive to surfing and general daily activities. Walking, of course, helps with recovery from heavy lifting or marathon surf sessions.

Friday 8/27/10

Kickboxing: 6 rounds @ 3 minutes
Jump rope: 6 rounds @ 3 minutes

Tuesday 8/31/10

Muscle-ups: 1x5 @ bodyweight, 1x3 @ 17lbs., 1x3 @ 35lbs., 1x2 @ 45lbs.
Kettlebell Clean and Jerks: 1x5 @ 70lbs., 1x5 @ 80lbs., 1x5 @ 100lbs., 1x5 at 140lbs.

One-arm pull-ups: 5x3 each arm.
One-leg squats: 1x5 bodyweight, 1x5 @ 17lbs., 1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x3 @ 50lbs., 1x2 @ 70lbs.

Jump rope and heavybag work in between sets.

Friday 9/3/10

One-arm snatch: 1x5 @ 35lbs.(warm-up) 1x5 @ 40lbs. 1x5 @ 65lbs. 1x5 @ 75lbs., 1x3 @ 80lbs., 1x2 @ 90lbs.
One-arm push-ups: 5x5 each arm.

Single-arm/single-leg deadlifts: 1x5 @ 100lbs., 1x5 @ 110lbs., 1x5 @ 125lbs. 1x3 @ 135lbs., 1x3 @ 140lbs.
Overhead press: 1x5 @ 40lbs., 1x5 @ 55lbs., 1x5 @ 65lbs. 1x5 @ 75lbs.(push press), 1X3 @ 80lbs.(push press)

Tuesday 9/7/10

Workout at work on the beach: A circuit of swim, run/sprint, calisthenics, and paddle.
Circuit of jogging to cone, sprinting back to start line, performing calisthenics or some variation of push-ups, squats, sit-ups, planks, burpees, etc. then, swim out into the ocean approx. 30-40 strokes each arm then, run/sprint again, then paddle out into ocean on paddleboard approx. 50-60 strokes. Repeat for 5 rounds. Took us approx. 40 minutes.

Thursday 9/9/10

Beach sprints and surfing with my wife at St. Augustine Beach.

10 beach sprints with approx. 3 minutes rest in between. Mar did push-ups and sit-ups, I swam. Then, we surfed.