Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Falling behind

I haven't updated here in almost 2 weeks. I've been busy at work and with other miscellaneous stuff. I will try to post later this evening.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting back to BASICS

So, I watched Glen Beck again yesterday, (he and Bill O'Reily are my media role models) where he interviewed Dr. Drew Pinsky, (another, seems to be cool, down-to-earth guy). I'm not going to go in depth about the interview but rather just hit on one point. Dr. Drew spoke about how this country needs to "get back to the basics," and how our culture, in so many words is simply "lost." This truly is sad...and true. "What basics are you speaking of?," one might ask. How about core family values. Parents are afraid to be parents. They'd rather be "friends" to their children and be considered "cool and hip" rather than lay down some authority and guidance. Kids have enough friends, what they need are some good role models and mentors, hence GOOD PARENTING! I was/am fortunate in this department. My parents are good people and did a good job raising my brother and I. Did I turn out perfect? Fuck no! Did my folks make mistakes? You bet. But, as a whole, the four of us stuck to the basics and got shit done. I'll take a break for a moment to lay out my "ideal" basics list, not in any particular order and for both parents and kids:

Love, talk, and read to your kids, from day one.

Eat dinner as a family and discuss the day. Pretty simply, right?

At some point, turn off the goddamn T.V...and limit the video games (or just break the console altogether).

Have a hobby; play an instrument, dance, sing, play a sport, work with wood (for boys, not your own), work on cars, etc.

Get the FUCK OUTSIDE and kick around a ball or something. (I don't believe in Global Warming, I don't think the ozone layer is depleting that fast and I don't think that sunlight is all that bad for you. Don't believe everything you hear.) Al Gore is a tool.

Stop eating crap, i.e. processed foods, sodas, etc. People need to learn (and know) that eating clean really can make everything in your life easier. I don't care what infomercial your currently "attached" to late at night, uh "P90X," you have to transform yourself from the inside out. This starts with good, healthy food; lots of vegetables, fruit, meat, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds...you get the picture.

Exercise, or just get active. I hate gyms, but if you like em, utilize em. Personally, I think that spinning your legs on a stationary bicycle or running (for any length of time) on a treadmill is artificial and to put it bluntly, fucking stupid. The only thing running a marathon is good for is... well, running a marathon. To get away from the enemy, our Army guys, Navy SEALs, etc. are not going to run at a 6:00 minute/mile pace over a perfectly flat surface. When hunting Saber tooth Tigers thousands of years ago, our ancestors did not "pace themselves" during the chase. On a side note, I also don't believe that the previous mentioned groups lifted "light, pink and purple dumbbells" for excessive reps either. So, what am I trying to say? If you're going to run, run fast and run hard and don't do it for long time. If you want some good, natural cardio, then walk or ride a bike, but for God sakes, do it outside. Oh, and yeah, lift some heavy shit, that goes for women too. No, you're not going to get big and bulky, that's a "busted myth" from like the 80s and 90s.

Smile, help others, and be nice to people. Your day is not any worse than anybody else's.

There's so much more that I could add to this list, but I believe if people can at least get these down, other elements of their life may just be able to fall into place. Not so hard, huh? Well, obviously it is, because we're "discussing" it on the news now, which I guess makes it an issue. If we all, as Americans and as a society can quit bitching and complaining about how are lives suck and start focusing on what's important (THE BASICS), we may just be able to pull ourselves out of this cultural/economical/emotional/whateverelseical you can think of rut. Yes, their certainly are people who have the right to complain more than others. If you've lost your job, your retirement, (been fucked by Maidoff), you certainly have the right to complain. But, if you still have a job, a home, and are generating an income to pay for that home, food, or some nights out on the town, your life doesn't suck that much and you should feel fortunate.
Wednesday 03/18/09

Worked out while I worked on the computer.

Tuck front lever holds: 8x8 seconds

PPPU's with feet on wall: 6x3

Ring rows with 45lbs. weighted vest (strong, explosive pull with slow negative): 3x5

One-arm push-ups: 3x5 each arm (assisted)

Tuck back lever holds: 8x8 seconds
L-sits on ground: 8x8 seconds

Pistols: 1x5 at bodyweight, 1x5 at 35lbs., 1x3 at 53lbs. 2x2 at 72lbs. (all sets and reps are for each leg and holding a kettlebell)


Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs and a couple handfuls of almonds and walnuts.

Lunch: Spinach and mixed green salad with raw broccoli, various colored peppers, tomatoes, black olives, feta cheese, and grilled chicken.

Dinner: Chicken Bryan (ours is better than Carraba's), broccoli, mashed red potatoes, a whole bottle of red wine and dark chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. GOOD STUFF!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New thoughts

Ok, a couple of weeks ago I posted "some thoughts" on what I was/am going to concentrate on. Well, yet again, things have changed. I think I will drop the O'lifts at least for now. I'm still learning how to put my training into perspective on what matters to me the most. First, is feeling good, springy and full of energy everyday (at least most days) and remaining injury free. I'm not a professional athlete, there is no reason for me to push my body in a non-smart abusive way. Sometimes, there's too much "going on." Every time I turn around or read another blog or forum, someone is posting that "you must SQUAT, or you must DEADLIFT, or you must do PULL-UPS." YOU, must shut the fuck up and stop trying to impose. I wrote before about this; about getting caught up in other peoples suggestions, advice, recommendations, etc. etc. Most of these people probably don't know half of what they're talking about and probably don't even do half of what they're suggesting. Do what you want to do and what's important to you right now. But, see it through, as you'll never make progress by constantly going from what thing to the next without progressing on one thing first.

What's important to me now:

Feeling full of energy and being injury free
Getting back to nature: sprinting barefoot, jumping, rolling, climbing, swimming, hiking, surfing, rock climbing
Gymnastic progressions: for me, that's the full front lever/front lever pull-ups, full planche/planche push-ups(this will take a while for me, I must be patient), 10 free standing HSPU's, the "flag"/side lever/side lever push-ups, full back lever, OAC/OAP
Deadlifting 500lbs. and increasing sprint speed.

Yes, this list is in order of preferance and importance. I believe everybody should have goals and write them down. I am trying to get better at this.

...been lazy

Shit, this sucks! I haven't posted in a while and have forgotten a lot of my workouts. I will try to do somewhat of a recap.

Sunday 03/08/09

Went to the beach with friends and surfed for about 3 hours (yes, I was literally in the water for 3 hours, great fun, great workout)! Drank some good beer, 2 Modelo Negros, 2 Dog Fisheads, good stuff. Later in the evening, my mom and dad took my wife and I to dinner (my birthday is March 10th) to Maggiano's. Drank some wine, ate good food, and ate lots of cake and ice cream. Today was a really, really good day.

Monday 03/09/09

I can't remember the entirety of this workout, but I do remember deadlifting and I remember doing too much deadlifting too soon. I had to cut the deadlift sets to only 4, which is OK anyway.
I also did some pressing and believe I stalled at 160lbs. today, just no energy (and probably not enough recovery to lift the weight). Played with some gymnastics.

Tuesday 03/10/09 My 29th birthday, holy shit, one more year till I'm 30, fuck!

At work, rest today, more cake and ice cream.

Wednesday 03/11/09

Played around with some gymnastics and did 10 - 15 second sprints out in a field with some handstands/handwalking, and pull-ups/muscle-ups/ninja warior type work. Muscle-up to L-sit, lower to support, lower to L-hang, pull to invert, lower to tuck front lever: 8x8 seconds in each hold.

CNS is fried. My mood is down, my body is beat up and the night sweats are starting to slowly creep back due to my overtraining. Time to ease off again.

Thursday 03/12/09
Easy day, walked the dog, light work, can't recall too much of what I did. Planks, and pull-up work.

Friday 03/13/09

Rest day, at work.

Saturday 03/14/09


Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds
Front tuck lever PU's: 5x5
72lb. kettlebell swings: 5x5

Full ROM HSPU's: 1x5, 2x3
L-pull-ups: 3x5

Sunday 03/15/09

My own Tabata metcon: 20 seconds of intense work, followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 8 intervals for a total of 4 minutes for each exercise. The exercises were:

1. Sprint in place jump rope, (forward and backward).
2. Sledgehammer swings on the BIG TIRE, (rotate sides).
3. "Ground and pound" on the 85lb. heavy bag on the floor.
4. Double unders
5. 100lb. sandbag shoulder clean and jerks
6. Heavybag kicks, punches, knees and elbows.

Tuck front lever holds: 8x8 seconds
PPPU's with feet on wall: 6x3

Monday 03/16/09

Rest day, at work.

Tuesday 03/17/09 St. Patrick's day!

Warm-up with muscle-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, back extensions, GHD sit-ups, etc.

Skill work of flags (side levers), and handstands.


Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds
Front tuck lever PU's: 6x5
One-arm wheel rollouts from knees: 4x5

RTO Dips: 3x3
One-arm chin negative come downs: 3x3 each arm

Straddle L-sits: 8x8 seconds
Tuck back lever holds: 8x8 seconds

Took the dog for a walk/sprint. Lots of sprints, jumps, parkour rolls, a really fun and primal activity.

Feeling a little beat up after the workout today. Took a nap after the workout and lunch. I got up twice last night to run calls. Forearms and inside of elbows feel wrecked. Felt groggy after the nap.

Nutrition was good today (as always).
BREAKFAST: Hard boiled eggs and walnuts and almonds for breakfast (my quick breakfast)
LUNCH: HUGE SALAD for lunch: spring mix lettuce, spinach, raw broccoli, tomatoes, red, orange, yellow and green peppers, feta cheese and grilled chicken, (I basically eat this salad everyday).
DINNER: Grilled steak and meatloaf, and three big beer mugs of Guinness. Hey, it's St Patty's day!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cardio sucks!

...well not entirely. My thoughts, since REALLY cutting out cardio (or endurance based training): I feel better when I lift heavy, when I lift explosive, when I run fast, and when I throw my bodyweight around like it's nothing. I love how all of these help me to feel better throughout the day and make other things easier, like surfing, playing, etc. Hence, my workout program is mainly based on the following:

Powerlifting (aka, lifting heavy shit): Deadlifts, squats (back, front OHS and one-leg), presses (maybe bench presses one day)

Olympic lifting (aka, explosively lifting semi-heavy shit): Power cleans, Power snatches, clean and jerks, full snatches

Gymnastics: planches, levers, handstands, presses, etc.

Plyometrics: sprinting, max box jumps and verticals, broad jumps, depth jumps, medicine ball throws, etc.

Metcon: Maybe some boxing from time to time, maybe a CFish metcon (every once in a great while)
Friday 03/06/09

Warmed-up by cleaning out my garage for about 5 hours.

One-arm barbell press: 1x5 at 45lbs. each arm, 1X3 at 45lbs., 1x3 at 55lbs., 1x2 at 60lbs.

Front squats: 1x3 at 135lbs., 1x3 at 185lbs., 1x2 at 205lbs., 1x1 at 225lbs. (PR) never front squated before.

Power clean and jerks: 1x5 at 135lbs., 1x3 at 155lbs., 1x2 at 175lbs., 1x1 at 185lbs., 1x1 at 195lbs.

PPPU's with feet on wall: 8x3
Adv front tuck lever holds: 8x8 seconds

Ring rows with 45lbs. weighed vest (strong explosive pull, with slow negative): 3x5

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday 03/05/09

Surfing for one hour at Vilano Beach. Water temp was 57 degrees. NICE!

Slight warm-up with handstands, pull-ups, muscle-ups, etc.

(Press strength) Full ROM HSPU's: 1x5 head to ground (not full ROM), 1X4 on bricks, 2X2 hands on parallettes
(Press plyometric) 20lb. medicine ball chest thrusts while lying flat on ground: 4x5

(Pull strength) Deadlift: warm-up with 1x3 at 135lbs., 1x3 at 225lbs., Work sets: 1x3 at 315lbs., 1x3 at 335lbs. 1x2 at 355lbs., 1x1 at 375lbs. (PR)
(Jump plyos) One leg box jumps: 4x3 each leg to 24" box, 1x3 to 25", 1x3 to 26"

Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds
Tuck back levers: 8x8 seconds
One-arm wheel rollouts: 3x5 each arm

Burgener warm-up, and then some snatch practice with pvc pipe, 45lbs. barbell and finally 65lbs. NEED MORE WORK. I really want to get good at the O'lifts.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Monday 03/02/09

Warm-up with hollow rock and hollow arches: 3x15 of each. GHD sit-ups and GHD back extensions: 3x15 of each, some pull-ups, handstands and overs and unders

(Push strength) Shoulder press: 1x3 at 135lbs., 1x3 at 145lbs., 1x2 at 155lbs., 1x2 at 165lbs., 1x1 at 170lbs. (failed twice) 170 is my 1RM for the shoulder press
(Push plyometric)20lb. medicine ball chest throw at heavy bag: 5x5

(Pull strength) Deadlift: 1x3 at 315lbs., 2x3 at 335lbs., 2x2 at 355lbs. 370 is my 1RM for the deadlift
(Jump plyometrics) Depth box jumps: 5x5

5 minutes rest between all exercises

Various tuck planche holds: 8x8 seconds
Hanging leg raises: 3x10 BW, 3x5 with 10lbs. (total on ankles)


Tuesday 03/03/09

Tuck front lever holds: 8x8 seconds

PPPU's with feet on wall: 6x3

One-arm push-ups: 3x5

Tuck front lever PU's: 6x5

Back squats: 1x3 at 225lbs., 1x3 at 245lbs., 1x2 at 265lbs., 1x2 at 275lbs., 1x1 at 285lbs. 285lbs. is my 1RM for the back squat
Standing, two leg vertical jumps: 5x5

V-sits: 8x8 seconds
Tuck back levers: 8x8 seconds


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday 02/28/09

Over and under warm-ups, some pull-ups and handstands


PPPU' with feet on wall: 2x5 with hands flat on floor, 2x3 with hands on parallettes, 1X1 (attempted straddle), 1x3 with hands flat on floor.
Plyometric explosive push ups: 2x5, 2x3, 1x2 Rested five minutes between sets (after plyo's)

Pistols: 1X5 at BW, 2x3 at 53lbs., 2x2 at 72lbs.
Box jumps: 1x5 at approx. 38 inches, 2x3 at approx. 43 inches, 2x2 at 47 inches (and some misses) 5 minutes rest between sets.

Adv. front tuck lever holds: 8x8 seconds
L-sits on ground: 8x8 seconds

Held a straddle front lever for approx. 1 second, NICE!

Sunday 03/01/09

Rest day, at work.