Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New thoughts

Ok, a couple of weeks ago I posted "some thoughts" on what I was/am going to concentrate on. Well, yet again, things have changed. I think I will drop the O'lifts at least for now. I'm still learning how to put my training into perspective on what matters to me the most. First, is feeling good, springy and full of energy everyday (at least most days) and remaining injury free. I'm not a professional athlete, there is no reason for me to push my body in a non-smart abusive way. Sometimes, there's too much "going on." Every time I turn around or read another blog or forum, someone is posting that "you must SQUAT, or you must DEADLIFT, or you must do PULL-UPS." YOU, must shut the fuck up and stop trying to impose. I wrote before about this; about getting caught up in other peoples suggestions, advice, recommendations, etc. etc. Most of these people probably don't know half of what they're talking about and probably don't even do half of what they're suggesting. Do what you want to do and what's important to you right now. But, see it through, as you'll never make progress by constantly going from what thing to the next without progressing on one thing first.

What's important to me now:

Feeling full of energy and being injury free
Getting back to nature: sprinting barefoot, jumping, rolling, climbing, swimming, hiking, surfing, rock climbing
Gymnastic progressions: for me, that's the full front lever/front lever pull-ups, full planche/planche push-ups(this will take a while for me, I must be patient), 10 free standing HSPU's, the "flag"/side lever/side lever push-ups, full back lever, OAC/OAP
Deadlifting 500lbs. and increasing sprint speed.

Yes, this list is in order of preferance and importance. I believe everybody should have goals and write them down. I am trying to get better at this.

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