Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cardio sucks!

...well not entirely. My thoughts, since REALLY cutting out cardio (or endurance based training): I feel better when I lift heavy, when I lift explosive, when I run fast, and when I throw my bodyweight around like it's nothing. I love how all of these help me to feel better throughout the day and make other things easier, like surfing, playing, etc. Hence, my workout program is mainly based on the following:

Powerlifting (aka, lifting heavy shit): Deadlifts, squats (back, front OHS and one-leg), presses (maybe bench presses one day)

Olympic lifting (aka, explosively lifting semi-heavy shit): Power cleans, Power snatches, clean and jerks, full snatches

Gymnastics: planches, levers, handstands, presses, etc.

Plyometrics: sprinting, max box jumps and verticals, broad jumps, depth jumps, medicine ball throws, etc.

Metcon: Maybe some boxing from time to time, maybe a CFish metcon (every once in a great while)

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