Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Few Workouts

Have been mixing it up lately with heavy weights and all-out effort sprinting. Trying to shorten the time spent in thy gym doing the weights. Right now, I've been only doing one weight workout a week and it's taking over an hour (too long). I'm going to play with diving the workout up but still keeping the rotation of weights, sprints, weights, sprints, etc. Ideally, maybe hitting the weights every 4-6 days and sprints the same (maybe a little longer) Current workout template below: Right now everything this is working so I won't mess with anything for now.

Weight Workout 1: Warm-up (various movements; swings, squats, push-ups, rows, get-ups, etc)


Flat Barbell Bench Press
Single-arm dumbbell rows

Dips (bodyweight and weighted)
Chin-ups (bodyweight and weighted)

Incline Bench Flyes (Finishing with one isolation exercise for chest)

Weight Workout 2: Warm-up (various movements; swings, squats, push-ups, rows, get-ups, etc)

Squat (Of some type, maybe)

Incline Barbell Bench Press
Inverted Rows (Bodyweight and weighted)

Overhead Presses (maybe)
Pull-ups (bodyweight and weighted)

Flat Bench Flyes (Finishing with one isolation exercise for chest)

I say maybe on the squats on deadlifts because I haven't really been doing them lately. The sprints have been covering the lower body. Below are my past few workout... from memory because I have not been keeping a record. However, I need to as things are flowing real well right now.


Warm-up (various movements; swings, squats, push-ups, rows, get-ups, etc)

Flat Barbell Bench Press: 135x10, 155x8, 175x6, 185x4, 200x2
Single-arm dumbbell rows: started with two arms (DO NOT feel good on the lower back; switched back to one-arm rows with the other supported on bench, feels much better/safer) two-arm: 40x10, 60x8, one-arm: 75x6, 90x6, 110x3, 100x3

Dips (bodyweight and weighted): bodyweight x 10, 25x8, 35x6, 45x4, 55x2
Chin-ups (bodyweight and weighted): bodyweight x10, 25x8, 50x6, 70x4, 90x2

Incline Bench Flyes (Finishing with one isolation exercise for chest): 40x9, 50x5, 60x3, 40x4
Bench supported Rows (bat-wings, finisher to balance out flyes): 25x10, 40x7, 50x8

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Strength and Speed

The past few workouts have been geared toward a heavy strength and speed bias.


Walked the dogs for one hour.

Warm-up was integrated with the workout; I've been finding this useful, effective and time efficient.


3x10 Bodyweight rows on rings: (varied hand position on all three sets; neutral grip, pronated, supinated)
3x10 Push-ups with feet elevated: (hands flat, on fists, hands turned backward)
3x5 Goblet Squats: - 35lb. kettlebell
2x5 Turkish Get-ups: (each side) with 35lb. kettlebell, 1x2 with 55lb. kettlebell
2x20 Bulgarian Goat-Bat Swings

Workout began during the second set of warm-up with deadlifts and overhead presses.


Deadlift: Warm-up: 135x3, Work-set (singles): 205lbs., 295lbs., 315lbs., 345lbs.
Overhead Press: (one arm at a time): 35x5, 50x5, 60x5, 65x4, 70x3 (push press)

Bent-over rows: (one arm at a time) 50x5, 60x5, 70x5, 75x5, 80x5
Incline Dumbbell Press: (one arm at a time) 50x5, 60x5, 65x5, 70x3, 75x2

Performing these lifts "one arm at a time" requires a fair amount of stabilization of the body, especially that of the side not actively performing the lift.


- Five pieces of organic bacon and four scrambled eggs cooked in grassfed butter with feta cheese.
- Big bowl of full fat Greek yogurt with vanilla extract, cinnamon, coconut flakes, blueberries, blackberries, a banana, pecans, almonds and walnuts.

DINNER: 7:00-9:00
- Pacific Asian Bistro with the wife
Four sushi rolls and some sweet and sour chicken, one beer, two glasses of Chardonnay.

SUNDAY 8/7/11

Surfed for three hours.

- Left-over shredded meat, some cheese and nuts, and a Southern Tier IPA (beer)

- Went to parents house and had one Dos Equis beer, various grilled sausages, shrimp, cheese, homemade calamari, carrots/celery with dip, and two glasses of Chardonnay.

- Lots of Breyers vanilla ice-cream with some dark chocolate.

FRIDAY 8/5/11


- 10 Sprints
lasting between 10-15 seconds with approximately 3-5 minutes rest between runs. During the "rest period" of the first 5 sprints, I did farmer's walks with two 70lbs. kettlebells (one in each hand) until grip failed. During the last 5 sprints I carried only one kettlebell and then switched hands.

This is one of my favorite workouts; very basic yet very brutal and, extremely effective for athletic development..., especially done when it's 100 degrees outside. Carrying a heavy weight for a distance forces the body to stabilize itself and REALLY reinforces a proper upright posture. One can only carry a heavy weight hunched over for so long and far. You will find that the body wants to naturally correct itself by pulling the shoulders back, retracting the scapula and standing in a natural upright position. As with the one-arm exercises described above, the one-arm kettlebell carries force the body to stabilize on the side that's not carrying the weight.



3x10 Bodyweight rows on rings: (varied hand position on all three sets; neutral grip, pronated, supinated)
3x10 Push-ups with feet elevated: (hands flat, on fists, hands turned backward)
3x5 Goblet Squats - 35lb. kettlebell
2x5 Turkish Get-ups: (each side) with 35lb. kettlebell, 1x2 with 55lb. kettlebell


One-arm snatches:
35x3, 60x2, 80x2, 90x2
Muscle-ups: Bodyweight x 3, 15lb. x 2, 25lb. x 2, 30lb. x 1

135x5, 185x3, 225x2, 295x2, 315x2
One-arm Dumbbell Flat Bench Press: 40x5, 50x5, 55x5, 60x5, 65x5, 70x3

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Few Workouts

Sunday 7/24/11


A circuit of:

10 sprints lasting between 10-15 seconds.
10 Farmer's walks with two 70lb. kettlebells until grip failed.
5 rope climbs (2 ascents up each climb).

Workout lasted approx. 45 minutes.

Wednesday 7/27/11


Warm-up with 3 sets of 10 of push-ups and ring rows. Also did a mix of forward and reverse lunges and squats with increasing weight.

Workout was a slow circuit of:

Incline Dumbbell Press: 40x5, 50x5, 55x5, 60x5, 70x3 (one arm only.
Ring Rows: 25x5, 45x5, 70x5, 90x5, 100x5 (weight plates were stacked on lower abdomen/upper hips).
Front Squats with Dumbbells: 35x3, 50x3, 75x3, 90x3, 100x3, 110x3

Fast circuit of:

Incline Dumbbell Flyes and reverse delt Flyes: Don't remember the weights.

Saturday 7/30/11

Kettlebell swings on a 30 second on, 30 second off interval. First 10 minutes was with the 35lb kettlebell followed by one minute of rest. The next 10 minutes was with a 55lb. kettlebell. Had to cut the interval down to about 20-25 seconds.

It's been a good week in training. Lots of walking (but not too much), and did some foam rolling and stretching one day earlier in the week. I did spend about 4 hours in bunker gear on Thursday doing some training and was very dehydrated and weak during and for a bit of time afterward. Big headache, lots of water weight lost but, good nutrition followed and recovery was good. Felt great the next day.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Work after Work

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Worked at station 16 (where I did not want to be), stood most of the morning reading and studying, caught a car fire, studied some more and then caught a brush fire. I fasted most of the day (whoops) and only ate two - 4oz. pieces of wild caught salmon just before the brush fire. Brush fire lasted from approx. 1430 to midnight. As it is with the military, so to it is with the fire service where we play the "hurry up and wait" game. The first few hours we stood around and watched everybody else work and later finally got our chance. I actually enjoyed this. I loved the hard work and was able keep going and going and going... all on two pieces of fish and lots of bottled water. So, what did I gather from this? First, I don't work out like I used to. Back in my crossfit and "more intense" metabolic conditioning days, I would've been gassed on a brush fire like this. No question. I've been there many, many times. These days, I lift heavy weights once or twice a week and sprint for the same mixed in with some surfing, daily walking, and various other low level but fun activities. I also go longer in between meals (fast) and don't require the energy I once did. So, why do people continue to train at such high intensities when they really don't need to? I figure it's because 1: they're simply trying to burn calories, lose weight, and get ripped and believe this is what it takes and 2: they've never "really" been in a situation such as a brush fire where they're actually putting their so-called "fitness" to the test. Everybody wants to train for "function" or "survival" but they really have no idea what that entails. Eat right, work hard but smart, and your body will respond accordingly in precarious situations. What I found even more ironic is the lack of energy, calories, or fuel (whatever you want to call it) that I required to do this kind of extensive and intense type of work for 10 hours. One of hour chiefs brought pizzas, subs, cookies, Five Hour Energy shots, sweet tea, granola bars, etc., for our "replenishment." I watched most everybody else consume this and then falter out later on. By the time we "contained the fire" sure, I was tired and ready to go to bed and probably could have ate something (as I was starting to get hungry). I also told myself that the workout I had planned for the next day was nixed. Well, I went to bed without any food and then worked out the next day. Something about that ongoing adrenaline rush that keeps you wanting to go! And so, I did workout, still on no food and just a couple big cups of coffee. The workout was Farmer's walks/carries and sprints.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Front Squat Singles

Tuesday 5/24/11

Warm-up/mobility: 2x10 bodyweight rows, 2x10 Full ROM push-ups between benches, 2x5 pull-up/chin-ups, 2x5 dips. Some lunges, lightweight overhead squats, handstands.


One-arm clean and jerk singles with barbell:
45lbs., 55lbs., 65lbs., 75lbs., 85lbs. 95lbs. (fail with left arm)/so instead did 90lbs. with left arm) 105lbs. (fail with right arm) Keeping 1RM at 90lbs.

Front Squat singles:
95lbs., 115lbs., 135lbs., 155lbs., 175lbs. 195lbs. 205lbs.

Elevated one-arm push-ups:
One-arm bodyweight rows: 3x3

Arms Extended Jack LaLane style push-ups:
1x10, 2x15.

The front squats were fine, felt much better than back squats (more natural/neutral position for the spine) but, I don't like the way these make my legs feel. Actually, I just do not like heavy loaded squatting or high rep squatting in general. They have always appeared to "blow" my legs and the rest of my body up and I always feel "immobile" for days afterward. Deadlifts do not do this to me. Squats give my legs a "concrete-heavy" feel and if I wanted to take off on a sprint for some reason I feel I would be moving in slow motion. I will stick to the goblet squat for mobility throughout the hips and heed Gray Cook's advice on "maintaining the squat and training the deadlift." Also, I seem to have found a new love for carrying heavy stuff. It just makes sense that if I'm going to lift something heavy I might as well carry it. The combination of heavy farmer's walks and sprints is pretty damn lethal but at the same time therapeutic. I am going to try some different carries next time, i.e, waiter's carry, front carry, suitcase carry, sandbag carry etc. and combine this with some sprinting and jumping.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Farmers Walks and Sprints

Thursday 5/19/11

Walked for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon today. I studied all day long and just had to get outside and get some fresh air and move.

Friday 5/20/11

At work at the fire station today. Went out with the boys last night while our wives all went to dinner and a movie. Drank four glasses of wine, 2 white and 2 red and smoked a cigar. Yep.

We actually got a chance to workout on shift later in the day (about 4 p.m.).


I did 10 sprints which lasted anywhere from 10-15 seconds with Farmer's walks done in between holding a 70lb. kettlebell in each hand until my grip failed. I had no watch and didn't really care. This was an amazing workout. I also did some high jumps onto a platform and a few muscle ups. I feel a very natural form of soreness today which feels amazing. I am tapping in!

However, when not doing busy work yesterday, I spent all of my time studying for the exam I had today (Sat. 5/21/11) and got very little sleep due to nonsense calls. I don't foresee tonight's sleep being any better as I have to wake-up tomorrow at 4 a.m. to be at the north campus by 6 a.m. for yet another exam...; did I mention I have one Monday night as well????

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Recovery/Mobility Day

Wednesday 5/18/11

Walked the dog for about an hour.

Breakfast: Ate 6 scrambled eggs with 6 pieces of turkey bacon and some cheese all cooked up in grass-fed butter.

Prehab/Rehab: Foam-rolled entire body for half an hour and then worked on scapular and hip mobility and stretched for another half hour... and yes, I took an Epsom salt bath to soak that magnesium into some sore muscles and hopefully aid in much needed and good sleep for the night.

Dinner: Dinner was early as I had school tonight; Ate 8 oz. wild caught salmon and a whole bundle of big, fat asparagus covered with coconut oil and Cajun seasoning.

Studied on and off today, felt pretty run down from work yesterday due to sleep being interrupted at approx. 0400 this morning for a call. Tired and lethargic throughout the day. I try and like to get in a mobility/foam-rolling and stretching day about two times a week. I find it works best when I either do this the day immediately following an intense workout session or the next day. I've noticed over time that by doing this I bounce back and am ready to engage in another intense workout fairly early. The hard part is not engaging; I try to take that one extra day of rest.

Tuesday 5/17/11

At work today, studied a lot, no workout, ate only once..., but ate big.

Mid-day Feast:
4 scrambled eggs with feta cheese, spinach, broccoli, two chicken breasts all cooked up in coconut oil. Seasoned with some hot sauce.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Couple of Workouts

Monday 5/9/11

One-arm dumbbell Clean and Jerk:
1x35, 1x45, 1x55, 1x65, 1x75, 1x80, 1x90, 1x100 (Right arm only)

Back Squats:
1x135, 1x185, 1x225, 1x245, 1x265

Dumbbell Bench Press: 1x40, 1x50, 1x60, 1x70, 1x80 (Right arm only)

Dumbbell Row:
1x60, 1x70, 1x80, 1x90, 1x100, 1x110

Ok workout. Tweaked my back a little on the right side while doing my final single set of back squats. No spotter, no rack..., and really don't like back squats. Going to stick with front squats.

Came home and did a Tabata of 35lb. kettlebell swings (Dan John style, minimum knee bend, maximum hip bend/extension, popping and firing the glutes and hamstrings) and then a second Tabata of one arm swings and switch hands on upward swing.

5/10/11 - 5/14/11

Walked about an hour a day (mainly barefoot) the rest of the week and surfed... a lot.

Sunday 5/15/11

10 - 100m sprints: (give or take a few meters) barefoot in the grass at UNF. Mixed in some box jumps, hurdle jumps, muscle ups, quadrupedal movement (great mobility work) side-to-side skipping, backwards running, etc. for about an hour.

Monday 5/16/11

Walked for an hour.

Mobility exercise, slow deep ROM push-ups between bricks/parallettes - 2x10, slow inverted bodyweight rows on the rings - 2x10

One-arm push-ups: 1x1, 1x3

One-arm rows: 1x1, 1x3

Single-leg deadlifts:
2x5 at 70lbs., 1x5 at 105lbs.

Played with some snatches

This was basically just a warm-up... then went to the county gym and threw around some heavier weight...

One-arm snatches with barbell:
(Max is 90lbs. Took 90% of 1RM and then took 65%, 75%, and 85% respectively for the following poundages): 1x5 at 45lb.s, 1x5 at 55lbs., 1x5 at 60lbs. 1x5 at 65lbs. (I like these!)

Deadlifts: (Max is 375lbs. Took 90% of 1RM and then took 65%, 75%, and 85% respectively for the following poundages): 1x5 at 215lbs., 1x5 at 250lbs., 1x13 at 285lbs.

Dumbbell Overhead Press: (Max is 65lbs. Took 90% of 1RM and then took 65%, 75%, and 85% respectively for the following poundages): 1x5 at 35lbs., 1x5 at 40lbs., 1x5 at 45lbs. (with barbell).

Worked various planks in between exercises. Good workout, I feel strong.

I've been fasting fairly extensively for the past couple of days (about 18-22 hours). I started nursing school and have basically been skipping breakfast and lunch. I ate a lot leading up to Saturday and even still ate a lot on Saturday night (including three coconut popsicles). Bodyweight was its lowest it's been in a while yesterday after the sprints at 166.5. Today, after the workout is what at 167. In reality, I'm probably still holding steady at a morning fasted weight of about 170-171. Too heavy for me here still. I like being at 160. The heavy lifting twice a week seems to keep me in this higher weight range. Lifting once a week coupled with sprints drops me down though. Huh? Guess I'll just continue to mess around with this. Love lifting heavy and running fast!

Friday, May 6, 2011

B-shit Station 2

Thursday 5/5/11

At work at Station 2 for 24 hours. Rather uneventful. Driver EVDT around the track, fire fighter physical agility test and a 2 mile walk in 30 minutes. Completed the test in 2 minutes and 33 seconds (not the 2 mile walk ;) ). No workout today.

Breakfast: Lots of coffee with heaving whipping cream, first cup had some raw honey, 4 pieces of organic bacon, 2 grass-fed sausages, 3 organic scrambled eggs with cheddar and blue cheese all cooked up with grass-fed butter in an iron skillet. Pretty good!

Dinner: Co-worker made Reuben sandwiches - corn beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing on Rye bread. I don't normally do bread but... it was good.

Friday 5/6/11

Came off shift this morning and... it's finally raining in St. Augustine... pouring! The dog's walk will be delayed. No plans to do a workout today. I had planned to do some driving up to FSCJ North Campus but no need, will wait til Monday. Probably just going to finish up on the final touches of some school work and then hang out with the wife and some friends later tonight at Bold City Brewery and Intuition for some local micro-brews and grilled chicken wings.

Breakfast: Big coffee with heavy whipping cream, 6 scrambled eggs with 4 5 pieces of bacon, cheddar cheese cooked up with grass-fed butter in an iron skillet. Yep.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some singles

Wednesday 5/4/11

Deadlift: 135x2, 185x1, 225x1, 275x1, 315x1, 335x1, 365x1, 380=fail, 375x1
Dumbbell Overhead Press: 25x1, 30x1, 35x1, 40x1, 45x1, 50x1, 55x1, 65x1, 70=fail with left arm, 1 rep with right arm.

Dumbbell snatch with right arm for fun. Left wrist is injured. 75x1, 90x1
Dumbbell clean and jerk with right arm. 100x1.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Max Workout

Sunday 3/6/11

Heavy bag:
12 x 3 minute rounds

Monday 3/7/11

5-3-1: Finding max's for deadlift and overhead press; were as follows:
Deadlift: Warm-up: 135x5, Work sets: 185x1, 225x1, 275x1, 315x1, 345x1, 365x1, 385=fail, 375x1.
Overhead Press: Warm-up: 45x5, Work sets: 95x1, 115x1, 135x1, 145x1, 155x1, 160=fail

Current max's:

Deadlift: 375 lbs.
Overhead Press: 155 lbs.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Too Much Information and "Mindlessness"

How easy it is to fall back in to old ways. Going over some of my older blog posts, I'm cringing at some (if not most) of the stuff that I have written. I wonder if writing is like seeing and hearing oneself on camera? Everyone is their own worst critic I assume. With that, I am revising (once again) the way I write and what I write on. By nature, I'm a rambler and, I'm loud. I have attempted to rectify this but to no avail. Maybe, by writing here and paying better attention to my tone and maturity, I can better choose my words, decibel level, and writing style.

What I'd like to discuss today is information. Going back to my opening statement of today's post about falling back in to old ways, I believe that I do this simply because of too much information. This morning, while reviewing my posts over the past few years, it's fairly obvious when I am getting too much information. My posts become more infrequent and my workouts (which constitutes most of this blog anyway) become more voluminous and frequent. This is where and when I started to regress.

A year ago, I apparently had most things dialed in. I was working out very infrequently and random, doing mostly sprints and bodyweight stuff outdoors and walking a lot. I was much lighter, !54lbs. but stronger, faster and more energetic. Over the course of a year, without realizing it or better yet, blindly implementing various protocols back into my regimen (due to seeking too much information), my weight is back up approximately 20lbs. at 172-173lbs., slightly overtrained, sore most of the time and stiff. I really haven't gotten any stronger or faster and once again seeking more information to "show me the way." What's bad is that I know better. I got to where I was last year because I made the conscious decision to follow no one and to do my own thing. I did what felt good and what I felt was right. What happened? What I believe happened is that I for one reason or another, I wasn't satisfied. As humans, we're never satisfied. We always want/think we need more. More weights, better programming, better equipment, perfect diet, etc. I spend a lot of my time researching and surfing the net and other peoples blogs for different kinds of workouts, routines and regimens. I'll admit, I'm addicted. I love the science. I am fascinated with the human body and I love to read studies and peoples opinions on the subject. But, sometimes I(we) overdo it and either nothing gets done or too much gets done and, there is a fine line. I've once again crossed it. I have not been mindful. Most people, I think, probably are not very mindful while going about their day.

We rely too much on other people, the media, facebook, co-workers, friends, family etc, for approval and/or to dictate our actions and thoughts. I have fallen victim to this and hate to admit that I'm not exempt. What I have found though, is that when I let go of all the clutter and reliance on others, my mind becomes clear and my body follow suit. Letting go however, is hard to do. There's a reason why the saying is termed "the downward spiral" and not "the upward spiral." It's so easy to fall and keep falling but pulling yourself out takes hard work. How do we pull ourselves out? By being mindful. By being consciously aware of our thoughts, our mind and body and by minimizing the outside noise (the clutter). Every waking second we are faced with loads of (mainly) useless information that take over our lives and do the thinking for us. For me, it's the reading of everybody else's blogs, websites, and articles and the lack of trust in my own thoughts, experience, or writing/reading style.

It's funny to see all the folks out there who deem themselves "experts or gurus" who basically just regurgitate information from someone else. I often times think to my self "Why am I not writing and charging for this stuff?" I've been in the game for a long time as it pertains to exercise and diet. I know what works. However, like a lot of people, I become influenced by other and lose my way. That ends here. Today. I hope that it will end for you to. I am all for reading and researching various material and there are certainly a few people out there who I think probably have "it" dialed in. But none of us really knows what goes on behind the scenes of anyone's life. "Their" way may not be "your" way and, most likely isn't.

There has never been a program from someone else that has worked for me for any substantial length of time. It is blatantly obvious that what I was doing roughly a year ago was brutally effective and brutally basic. I ran fast, I jumped high, I did push-ups, pull-ups, dips and, most importantly, I appeared to be having fun. I looked awesome and felt awesome. Why did I go away from this? I now know. Damn, what a waste of time to research what "everybody else and all the experts" were doing. I'm going back to my way. You should do the same. Stay tuned.

Iron/bodyweight combo

Sunday 2/13/11

Quick little workout with the fellas at work the other day.


One-leg squats: 1x5 @ bodyweight, 1x5 at 35lbs., 1x5 @ 45lbs., 1x3 @ 75lbs.
One-arm only incline dumbbell bench press: 1x5 @ 55lbs., 1x5 @ 65lbs., 1x3 @ 75lbs., (two-arm dumbbell press): 1x5 @ 60lbs.
Assisted one-arm chins/pulls: 3x3
Assisted one-arm push-ups: 3x5

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday morning workout

Sunday 2/6/11


Deadlift: 1x5 @ 135lbs., 1x5 @ 185lbs., 1x3 @ 245lbs., 1x3 @ 295lbs., 1x3 @ 315lbs., 1x2 @ 335lbs.
One-arm dumbbell press: 1x5 @ 50lbs. 1x5 @ 55lbs., 1x3 @ 60lbs., 1x3 @ 70lbs., 1x3 @ 80lbs., 1x3 @ 90lbs.,
Weighted chins: 1x5 @ 50lbs., 1x3 @ 70lbs., 1x3 @ 90lbs.
Overhead dumbbell press: 1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x5 @ 45lbs., 1x3 @ 55lbs., 1x3 @ 65lbs.
Standing ab wheel rollouts: two arm and one arm.

Played around with some handstands, levers and one arm push ups. Was able to get a one arm push up with each arm. I may try and play around with skills more often. Workouts are geared towards heavy lifting and strength to keep joints, etc protected when sprinting.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HIT Workout 3

Saturday 1/28/11


Dips: Down 4 sec., up 4 sec., Time Under Load (TUL) about one minute.
Front Squats @ 185lbs.: approx. 4-5 seconds down 4-5 seconds up. The weight was too heavy and I did not go to failure due to grip failing first. I didn't like these.
Close grip pull-ups: 4 seconds up, 4 seconds down, TUL about one minute.
FROM (full range of motion) push-ups with feet elevated on bench and hands on chairs: 4-5 seconds down, 4-5 seconds up, TUL about one minute.
Cable rows & approx. 50-60 lbs.??, 5 seconds concentric, 5 sec. eccentric, TUL about 90 seconds.

Sunday 1/29/11

with my wife and dog after a walk. I don't know how many I did but, the distance was varied and I was winded multiple times.

Wednesday 2/2/11

12 x 3 minute rounds of every other round being boxing and jumping rope.
Very intense but very "cardio-like."

Some thoughts and observations. First, I've gotten way too "jacked" from the HIT stuff and, what I appear to believe is a lack of activity throughout the day/week. My bodyweight last year at this exact time was 154lbs. Today, I am close to 180lbs. The one day of HIT I did this past Saturday had me so pumped and nauseated I don't know what's going on. I am starting to believe that I am in fact a genetic freak and can pretty much just look at weights and get big and strong. On a related note, today I did some "kinda intervals" which turned into more of a cardio session. Again with this workout, I became supremely jacked. Later in the day I also noticed that I was ravenous for shitty carbs and sweets. Cardio certainly increases one's appetite. So, what to do? After looking at my workouts and diet from about a year ago, I was certainly eating a lot less during the day; more salads with some meat, some nuts and eggs. My workouts were mores sporadic and involved more sprinting, bodyweight stuff and tossing kettlebells around. Also, I was walking a lot, something that I'm still doing a fair amount of. I plan to cut completely out the cardio stuff which (I haven't done much of anyway) and cut back the HIT stuff (getting too big) I will try and keep updating as this now has become my little experiment to see why not "one way" works for everybody.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HIT Workout 2


Quick warm-up


Deadlift: 225lbs., approx. 4 seconds up and 4 sec. down. Was partially interrupted by my wife with questions (that's forgivable) and some guy wanting to "work in."
Dumbbell Overhead press: 40lbs. 3-4 sec. up, 3-4 sec. down. Will probably do these with a barbell next time.
Chins: Bodyweight, 4 sec. up, 4 sec. down.
Flat Dumbbell bench press: 50lb. 4-5 sec. up, 4-5 sec. down.
Bent-over barbell rows: (Actually, I used a curl bar because the "work in" guy was "benching."): approx. 70lbs., 4-5 sec. up, 4-5 sec. down.


This was a good workout: total time was less than 13 minutes with the average TUL for each exercise between one minute and almost two minutes. I am certainly still feeling the effects almost three days later as I write this. I did this workout exactly 7 days after the last with absolutely nothing done in between (except walking the dog); no boxing, no sprints, no cardio, nothing. I felt pretty good all week. Depending on how I feel this mid-week, I may throw in some sprints. So far, I can attest to Body By Science's recommendation of working out once every 7-14 days or so with maximum intensity. Especially, in my little n=1 experimentation of what works for myself, I find this low volume, infrequent, high intensity concept to be spot on. My body needs the recovery. However, I did start getting a little "fidgety" approaching day 4 or 5 of doing nothing. Art DeVany likes to workout a little more frequently than BBS to increase insulin sensitivity and keep the mind and body fresh which, is why I think I'm going to throw some sprints in mid-week. A few things to note about the last workout however. 1. I hate driving to the gym and should have never sold my garage set-up. 2. The reason I hate driving to the gym is because there is always bound to be someone there that interferes with my workout; pointless chat, sharing of equipment, etc. At least though, I acknowledge this fact. I do not like to workout with people or around people, just as I don't like to surf with people. I guess I'm just a selfish prick who doesn't like to share, especially equipment and waves. 3. My wife, as beautiful and sweet as she is also cannot workout with me. Too many questions and too many instructions that I've given her over and over again. However, she must be doing something right in her workout endeavors because I've seen her push the intensity, she appears to be experiencing some DOMS and, though I though it was impossible, her rear-end keeps getting better and better.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Experimenting with HIT



Compound Movement
– Squat - Approx. 3 seconds concentric, 3 seconds eccentric at 205lbs., TUL (time under load) about 90 seconds.
Horizontal Push – Dumbbell Press - 3-4 seconds up, 3-4 seconds down at 50lbs. TUL = 90 seconds.
Vertical Pull - Pull-up - 3-4 seconds up, 3-4 seconds down at bodyweight. TUL = 60-70 sec.
Vertical Push – Dips - 3-5 seconds up, 3-5 seconds down at bodyweight. TUL = 60-65 seconds.
Horizontal Pull- Dumbbell Row - 3-4 seconds up, 3-4 seconds down. Started with 70lbs. one arm, too heavy. Went to 50lbs. both arms, still too heavy. Finished with 40lbs. both arms.

Total workout time was about 13 minutes. Today, (the day after) I am more sore throughout my entire body than I have been in a long time.