Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HIT Workout 3

Saturday 1/28/11


Dips: Down 4 sec., up 4 sec., Time Under Load (TUL) about one minute.
Front Squats @ 185lbs.: approx. 4-5 seconds down 4-5 seconds up. The weight was too heavy and I did not go to failure due to grip failing first. I didn't like these.
Close grip pull-ups: 4 seconds up, 4 seconds down, TUL about one minute.
FROM (full range of motion) push-ups with feet elevated on bench and hands on chairs: 4-5 seconds down, 4-5 seconds up, TUL about one minute.
Cable rows & approx. 50-60 lbs.??, 5 seconds concentric, 5 sec. eccentric, TUL about 90 seconds.

Sunday 1/29/11

with my wife and dog after a walk. I don't know how many I did but, the distance was varied and I was winded multiple times.

Wednesday 2/2/11

12 x 3 minute rounds of every other round being boxing and jumping rope.
Very intense but very "cardio-like."

Some thoughts and observations. First, I've gotten way too "jacked" from the HIT stuff and, what I appear to believe is a lack of activity throughout the day/week. My bodyweight last year at this exact time was 154lbs. Today, I am close to 180lbs. The one day of HIT I did this past Saturday had me so pumped and nauseated I don't know what's going on. I am starting to believe that I am in fact a genetic freak and can pretty much just look at weights and get big and strong. On a related note, today I did some "kinda intervals" which turned into more of a cardio session. Again with this workout, I became supremely jacked. Later in the day I also noticed that I was ravenous for shitty carbs and sweets. Cardio certainly increases one's appetite. So, what to do? After looking at my workouts and diet from about a year ago, I was certainly eating a lot less during the day; more salads with some meat, some nuts and eggs. My workouts were mores sporadic and involved more sprinting, bodyweight stuff and tossing kettlebells around. Also, I was walking a lot, something that I'm still doing a fair amount of. I plan to cut completely out the cardio stuff which (I haven't done much of anyway) and cut back the HIT stuff (getting too big) I will try and keep updating as this now has become my little experiment to see why not "one way" works for everybody.

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