Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HIT Workout 2


Quick warm-up


Deadlift: 225lbs., approx. 4 seconds up and 4 sec. down. Was partially interrupted by my wife with questions (that's forgivable) and some guy wanting to "work in."
Dumbbell Overhead press: 40lbs. 3-4 sec. up, 3-4 sec. down. Will probably do these with a barbell next time.
Chins: Bodyweight, 4 sec. up, 4 sec. down.
Flat Dumbbell bench press: 50lb. 4-5 sec. up, 4-5 sec. down.
Bent-over barbell rows: (Actually, I used a curl bar because the "work in" guy was "benching."): approx. 70lbs., 4-5 sec. up, 4-5 sec. down.


This was a good workout: total time was less than 13 minutes with the average TUL for each exercise between one minute and almost two minutes. I am certainly still feeling the effects almost three days later as I write this. I did this workout exactly 7 days after the last with absolutely nothing done in between (except walking the dog); no boxing, no sprints, no cardio, nothing. I felt pretty good all week. Depending on how I feel this mid-week, I may throw in some sprints. So far, I can attest to Body By Science's recommendation of working out once every 7-14 days or so with maximum intensity. Especially, in my little n=1 experimentation of what works for myself, I find this low volume, infrequent, high intensity concept to be spot on. My body needs the recovery. However, I did start getting a little "fidgety" approaching day 4 or 5 of doing nothing. Art DeVany likes to workout a little more frequently than BBS to increase insulin sensitivity and keep the mind and body fresh which, is why I think I'm going to throw some sprints in mid-week. A few things to note about the last workout however. 1. I hate driving to the gym and should have never sold my garage set-up. 2. The reason I hate driving to the gym is because there is always bound to be someone there that interferes with my workout; pointless chat, sharing of equipment, etc. At least though, I acknowledge this fact. I do not like to workout with people or around people, just as I don't like to surf with people. I guess I'm just a selfish prick who doesn't like to share, especially equipment and waves. 3. My wife, as beautiful and sweet as she is also cannot workout with me. Too many questions and too many instructions that I've given her over and over again. However, she must be doing something right in her workout endeavors because I've seen her push the intensity, she appears to be experiencing some DOMS and, though I though it was impossible, her rear-end keeps getting better and better.

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