Friday, May 6, 2011

B-shit Station 2

Thursday 5/5/11

At work at Station 2 for 24 hours. Rather uneventful. Driver EVDT around the track, fire fighter physical agility test and a 2 mile walk in 30 minutes. Completed the test in 2 minutes and 33 seconds (not the 2 mile walk ;) ). No workout today.

Breakfast: Lots of coffee with heaving whipping cream, first cup had some raw honey, 4 pieces of organic bacon, 2 grass-fed sausages, 3 organic scrambled eggs with cheddar and blue cheese all cooked up with grass-fed butter in an iron skillet. Pretty good!

Dinner: Co-worker made Reuben sandwiches - corn beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing on Rye bread. I don't normally do bread but... it was good.

Friday 5/6/11

Came off shift this morning and... it's finally raining in St. Augustine... pouring! The dog's walk will be delayed. No plans to do a workout today. I had planned to do some driving up to FSCJ North Campus but no need, will wait til Monday. Probably just going to finish up on the final touches of some school work and then hang out with the wife and some friends later tonight at Bold City Brewery and Intuition for some local micro-brews and grilled chicken wings.

Breakfast: Big coffee with heavy whipping cream, 6 scrambled eggs with 4 5 pieces of bacon, cheddar cheese cooked up with grass-fed butter in an iron skillet. Yep.

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