Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Low key, Foam Rolling and Stretching

Tuesday 9/14/10


0800 - A dip in the ocean.
0900 - 1100 - Walked the dog (and then myself)
1615 - 1645 - Foam roll whole body
1700 - 1730 - Stretch whole body

No workout today (or probably for a few days), as I am only working out every 4-7 days (mimicking paleolithic/primal movement patterns/times, as much as we know) and, I'm utterly sore from Monday's workout. I walked for two hours this morning and then foam rolled for approx. 30 minutes and stretched for 30 minutes later in the evening. Recently there have been a number of "expert" bloggers who are against stretching. I actually gave it up for a while but have recently included it back into my life when I feel that I simply need a good stretch. It keeps me loose and limber and I like the way it feels so until otherwise, I will be incorporating more stretching.


I tend to eat a lot more on my non-workout days. I attribute this to a couple of things. One, being active, hence, working out, takes up time. I like to do the heavy weights/bodyweight stuff in the morning then, walk a little, stretch a little, etc., and therefore just don't really have the time to eat until much later. Second, working out is known (and I find this to be true for myself as well) to be a natural appetite suppressant so, I normally do not get hungry till much later in the day. With that being said, no workout today = more food today as noted below.

0530 - Two big cups of coffee with heavy whipping cream and coffee.
1200 - Breakfast/lunch: Scrambled eggs with rotisserie chicken, spinach, mixed peppers, onions, garlic, Nicaraguan cheese, and hot sauce. Smoothie made with mixed berries, a banana, coconut milk, almond milk, coconut flakes and, some ice.

1800 - 2000 - Dinner: Snacked on Gouda cheese and red wine before and while making dinner. Haddock fish fried in olive oil. Steamed broccoli with EVOO and various seasonings, BIG sweet potato with lots of butter and cinnamon. Another glass of Robert Mondavi 2005 Napa Cabernet. Yum.

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