Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Returning to gymnastics progressions

Monday 11/08/08


Ten - 100 meter sprints with 3 minutes rest between sprints. During the rest period, I worked on handstands and free standing handstand push-ups (HSPU's). This workout was done barefoot in the grass at UNF stadium. Sprints felt fast and handstands were strong and solid today.

Later in the evening I did supersets of:
Straight arm tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds and
Tuck front lever pull-ups: 6x3.

I would hold a planche, rest for approx. 90 seconds, do a front lever pull-up, rest for 90 seconds and repeat the sequence. These, like the workout earlier felt extremely strong and I wasn't beat down after either today.

Tuesday 11/09/08


Pseudo planche push-ups (pppu's): 6x5, rotated fingers facing forward, backward, and on dumbbells. Supersetted with:

Tuck front lever holds: 10x6 seconds. The last four sets of the lever hold, I supersetted with: Standing wheel rollouts: 4x6

Tuck back levers: 10x6 seconds, supersetted with:

L-sits on parallettes: 10x6 seconds

Full range of motion (ROM) HSPU's on parallettes: 3x3 supersetted with:

L-pull-ups: 3x3. Did first set of pull-ups on 2" manila rope, second set overhand on pull-up bar and third set underhand on PU bar.

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