Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another workout and some thoughts on contrast showers

Two workouts today, had a lot of time on my hands

Box: twelve-3-minute rounds with one minute rest between rounds.

Later in the day worked some gymnastics progressions.

Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds.
Tuck front lever PU's: 6x3

RTO (Rings turned out) dips:3x3
OAC/OAP (One arm chins/pull-ups): 3x3 each arm

Tuck back lever holds: 10x6 seconds.
V-sit holds: 10x 6 seconds.

Then worked handstands for 30 minutes. 10 minutes free handstands on floor, 10 minutes free handstands on parallettes, 10 minutes handstands facing the wall with roll out.

Felt pretty good after the workout today. Had to take a cold shower immediately following the gymnastic stuff as I am a little sore from the other day and definitely don't want to be too sore tomorrow.

I've researched lately that cold showers, ice baths (eh, not for me) and contrast showers (hot then cold) are great for recovery. After a few months of trial and error with these I find this to be very true. Though, the one that works the best for me are the straight cold showers RIGHT after a workout (especially a strength workout). They're hard to do during the winter months (yes, even in Florida) but are very effective for staving off DOMS, at least for me anyway. The contrast showers are nice. I usually do those in the morning (without a workout) or on rest days. Basically, turn the water up as hot as you can stand for approx. a minute or two, then turn the water down to as cold as you can stand for about the same time. Rotate through this about one or two more times and you're done. Pretty effective. I've never tried the ice bath thing though. Too much time and effort and I don't consider myself that elite...or insane!

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