Thursday, July 30, 2009

Month three of 5/3/1 for squat and press

Thursday 7/30/09

Walked Yogi for an hour

Workout later in the day:

Power cleans: 125x3, 145x3 165x3

Back Squat: Warm-up - 135x3, work sets - 185x5, 210x5, 235x20!!!!!!!!!! Big time PR!!!!!!

Overhead Press: Warm-up - 45x5, work sets - 105x5, 120x5 137.5x5(whoops, forgot to put the other 2.5 on the other side of the barbell.)so... redid 140x5. These were weak after the squats, my legs were done. I realized how much legs (or full body rather) actually goes into this overhead lift. Unbelievable.

I also got a bunch of OAC's today with the right hand. I'm pulling higher with the left but not quite there yet. I can almost get a OAP (palm facing away).

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