Monday, February 2, 2009

Friday 01/30/09

RTO Dips: 3x3
OAP/OAC: 3X3 each arm

PPPU's: 6x5
Front tuck lever holds: 10x6 seconds
Hollow rock and archer rocks: 4x15 of each

V-sits: 10x6 seconds
Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds

Saturday 01/31/09

Full ROM HSPU's: 3x3 on bricks and parallettes
L-sit PU's: 3x3 (various grips)

Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds
Tuck front lever PU's: 6x3

Muscle-up to L-sits: 10x6 seconds
Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds

KB presses: 1x5 at 35lbs., 1x5 at 40lbs. 1x5 at 50lbs., 1x3 at 53lbs., 1x3 at 58lbs., 1x3 at 60.5lbs.
Deadlifts: 1x2 at 135lbs., 1x1 at 185lbs., 1x1 at 245lbs., 1x1 at 275lbs., 1x1 at 305lbs., 1x1 at 330lbs., (left hand underhand) 1x1 at 345lbs., (right hand underhand)(PR)

Sunday 02/01/09

Boxed 12 - 3 minute rounds with one minute rest between rounds.

Monday 02/02/09

Rest day, at work. Engineers exam.

Not a bad week. The barefoot sprints in the grass at UNF were the best part of the week and left me feeling great. I did PR on my max deadlift single, so that's good. The boxing workout on Sunday sucked; it was cold and I was hungover, not fun. I'm going to keep boxing as my "after a drinking or bad eating night" workout just to sweat the crap out. Other than that, again, lots of gymnastics (going to start getting really specific with the holds and dynamic movements), lots of heavy lifting (deads, single-leg squats and power cleans/jerks, and presses), and yes, lots of sprinting. I will finish the last day of the 8-week gymnastics cycle tomorrow and will figure out where to go from there.

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