Thursday, February 19, 2009

Be your OWN person.

Be your own person. It's that simple yet THAT hard to do. That's basically what Hannity said today on "The Hannity Show." No, I'm not an avid Hannity follower and no, I'm not a right wing conservative who is part of the "conservative underground" either. But, I do think Hannity is an intelligent man/journalist and I like to listen to what intelligent people have to say, whether I agree with them or not. Today, I happened to agree with Hannity. He talked about how the people of yesteryear, our founding fathers, the pilgrims, the goldrushers, etc., all came to this country with a dream, a dream of freedom and prosperity. They risked so many things, sometimes risking their lives. They came to this country without the promise of money/wealth, medical insurance, etc. They believed in themselves and that's it. They worked hard. Hannity explained how in this day and age we, as Americans don't have that drive and we are mislead by our "leaders." We think that everything should be handed to us, without any hard work put forth. We seek advice from so-called leaders who are no better of than us. We seek information on the Internet, "the endless search" trying to find the answers to...well, everything. What we don't realize is that the answer lies in each of us. We have the power TO DO anything we want. I truly believe this. The "DOING" is what separates the "haves from the have nots," or better put, the doers and the don'ters" <-(my new word). I want to do and to have, I want to know, and I want to be... I want to BE my OWN person. I too, fall victim to this, we all do, even the greatest. I love health, fitness, athletics, etc. I'm strong, fast, agile and I will always be a student of "the game." Sometimes I find myself searching for answers that I all ready know. I know I need to eat healthy, but do I REALLY need my diet to be that perfect all the time? Do I really need to perform exercise X for Y reps, because some "guru" says that's the rule. No, I don't and neither does anybody else. Some advice is great, some is not. Decipher what is good, take it, apply it, and move on. Next time, YOU give the advice. I love learning but I hate following. I like creating. I like taking samples, putting them together and creating "my own thing." I like being my own person. I encourage everybody to do and be this...sometimes I even have to encourage myself when I feel like I'm searching in the wrong places and listening to the wrong people. And speaking of being healthy, I'm making homemade pizza and drinking Stella Artois beer with my wife tonight, screw healthy!

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