Tuesday, February 3, 2009

8 week cycle complete!

Tuesday 02/03/09

PPPU's on rings: 3x5
Inverted PU's on rings: 3x5

PPPU's: 6x5
Front tuck lever holds: 10x6 seconds
One-arm wheel rollout from knees: 4x3 (each arm)

Straddle L-sits: 10x6 seconds
Tuck back lever holds: 10x6 seconds

Pistols: 1x5 at bodyweight, 1x5 at 17lbs., 1x5 at 35 lbs., 1x3 at 53lbs., 1x3 at 72lbs. (each leg, holding kettlebells)

Sprint 400m one time: Time: 1:04 (not bad)
Sprint 300m two times
Sprint 200m three times
Sprint 50m four times

I rested 5 minutes between EACH sprint and during that time practiced free standing handstands. This workout was very tough today. It was cold and I was kind of tired. But, all was good. I finished the 8 week gymnastics cycle today so now I have to figure out what progressions to move on to. I was planning on starting tomorrow but I injured my left tricep today when I tried to do handstand pushups on the rings and toppled over busting my ass. I'll see how I feel in the morning.

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