Sunday, February 15, 2009

End of week two!

Sunday 02/15/09
Warm-up with PVC pipe shoulder dislocates and snatch practice. Did some bar muscle-ups and hollow rocks and arch rocks

10 minutes of handstand practice facing wall, was able to knock out a couple of freestanding HSPU's. 10 minutes of side lever (flag) practice

Adv. front tuck lever holds: 8x8 seconds
PPPU's with feet on wall: 6x5

PPPU's on rings with feet on plyo box: 3x5
Inverted PU's on rings: 3x5, lower to front lever with one leg extending on last rep of each set.

Tuck back lever holds: 8x8 seconds
Roll to straddle L-sits on the floor: 8x4

Shoulder press: 1x3 at 45lbs., 1x3 at 95lbs., 1x3 at 115lbs., 1x3 at 135lbs., 1x1 at 155lbs., 1x1 at 160lbs.

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