Saturday, January 3, 2009

Half way through the cycle

Thursday 12/31/09

Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds
Tuck front lever PU's: 6x3
GHD sit-ups and back extensions: 4x15 of each

One arm chins/pulls: 3x3 each arm (band assisted)
RTO Dips: 3x3

Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds
Muscle-up on rings to L-sit holds: 10x6 seconds

Friday 01/01/09

Tuck front lever holds: 10x6 seconds
PPPU's: 6x5
Hollow and arch rocks: 4x15 of each

Inverted PU's on rings: 5x5
PPPU's on rings: 5x5

Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds
V-sits: 10x6 seconds

Shadow boxed and kicked 12 - 3 minute rounds with core work in between.

Friday marked the end of the halfway mark through the first cycle. My wrists and forearms are pretty beat up to today and the rest of my body is a kind of "good sore" from the shadow boxing. Too much cardio/metcon this past week though. This week and from here on out will be less cardio with the same emphasis on strength but with more emphasis on "fun" and easy going activities to...basically stay active; i.e. running with the dog, kicking the soccer ball around and just plain old walking for good health. The holidays are over so the overload of food and alcohol has and will continue to cease. When eating and drinking alot I do not like to lift heavy because my weight goes up and the hypertrophy becomes easily noticeable. I'd like to start incorporating some heavy and explosive lifts back into the mix but in due time (mainly strongman stuff). I will be resting Saturday and most likely working on handstands and some sprints on Sunday (skill work).

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