Thursday, January 22, 2009

Begin week 7

Monday 1/19/09

One-arm push-ups: 3x5 each arm with assistance
Archer rows: 3x5 each arm

Tuck lever PU's: 6x3
Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds
GHD sit-ups/Back extensions: 4x15 of each

Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds
L-sits on floor: 10x6 seconds

10 - 100m sprints with 5 minutes rest between sprints. During the 5 minutes, freestanding handstands and press to handstands were practiced.

Tuesday 01/20/09

Full ROM HSPU's on parallettes: 3x3
L-sit PU's with 45lbs. weighted vest: 3x3

PPPU's: 6x5
Tuck front lever holds: 10x6 seconds
L-sit and straddle L-sit static leg raise holds: 4x20 seconds of each hold

Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds
Straddle L-sits: 10x6 seconds

Wednesday 01/21/09

Rest, sick, really sick. Got sick as hell Tuesday night, an apparent stomach virus per the doc Wed. morning. I was going to take off Wed anyway, this was just a really forced day off.

Thursday 01/22/09

Feeling a ton better today; wasn't going to workout, but...

OAC/OAP: 3x3 each arm
RTO dips: 3x3

Tuck lever PU's: 6x3
Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds
Standing wheel rollouts: 4x6

Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds
V-sits: 10x6 seconds

Deadlift: 1x5 at 72lbs., 1x3 at 135lbs. 1x3 at 225lbs. 1x3 at 265lbs. 1x3 at 295lbs. 1x3 at 315lbs. 1x3 at 330lbs. (PR= Double bodyweight!!!!!!!!!!!) I wonder what I can pull a single for?
Kettlebell presses: 1x5 at 17lbs. 1x5 at 35lbs. 1x3 at 53lbs. 1x2 at 58lbs. (each arm)

Handstand practice on parallettes, freestanding and facing the wall, about 10 minutes.

This workout felt amazing. I'm not even really treating my workouts like workouts anymore, they have become more "fun skill training," even the deadlifts, which I need to incorporate more. STRONG, STRONG work today. I can't believe I pulled 330lbs. for a triple. I need to find my one rep max on deadlifts; goal is still set on 3x bodyweight, though I'm not sure what my exact current BW is at the time. I know I'm hovering right around 165, give or take a few pounds (or a few glasses of water/beer/wine).

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