Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another rest day, unplanned

Monday 01/12/09

Another rest day today, not by choice. I had a structure fire (about 0200 this morning) and didn't get to bet until about 0400. Got up again about 0700 for a call and then had to drive to Station 12 for my regular 24 hr shift. It rained (poured) all day today, no place to hang my rings and so I just went with the lazy flow of the day. I'm sure the two days of rest will do me good, but the lack of activity and the constant recliner sitting has made my back ache. I truly believe that most people who suffer from back pain suffer because of just that, lack of activity and too much sitting. Today is going to be another cold and rainy day but I'll be heading home and can get a good workout in there. Today will be day 1 of week 6 of the 8 week cycle.

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