Sunday, January 18, 2009

6th week completed

Friday 01/16/09


RTO dips: 3x3
OAC/OAP: 3X3 each arm

Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds
Tuck front lever PU's: 6x3
Hollow rocks and arch rocks: 4x15 of each

V-sits: 10x6 seconds
Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds

Boxed 12 - 3 minute rounds

Saturday 01/17/09

Walked approx. 40 minutes with my beautiful wife and dog


Pseudo planche ring push-ups: 3x5
Inverted ring PU's: 3x5

PPPU's: 6x5
Tuck lever holds: 10x6 seconds
Straight hanging leg raises: 4x5

Muscle up to L-sit: 10x6 seconds
Back lever holds: 10x6 seconds

30 minutes of handstands, 10 minutes of flag/side-lever work.

This marks the end of the 6th week of the 8 week cycle. Research suggests that it takes approximately 6 weeks of a consistent and solid strength program to form concrete strength gains and CNS adaptation. I certainly felt very strong yesterday on all strength movements performed. I believe I now have the ability to consciously tense all the muscles needed to for a static hold, (though I have a long way to go). The past couple of weeks I have been off of the M/T/TH/F schedule, but have still been hitting four days a week. I also have not sprinted in about 2 weeks and it's driving me crazy. This week, I should be back on the correct gymnastic progression schedule and should be able to get in 2 solid days of sprinting: Wed. and Sun.

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