Thursday, January 21, 2010

Going to post more often...

I've cut way back on the working out..., way back. Truth be told, I feel so much better. I'm certain that I was most definitely suffering from overuse injuries; tendinitis in both medial epicondyles (or inner elbows), and generally overtrained. As I believe I have mentioned in previous posts, I've adopted walking and have engaged in it more frequently. Various research suggests,, that walking most if not all days of week greatly reduces systemic inflammation. Contrary to popular belief, walking is not just beneficial for the stay-at-home mom or the non-athletic. Athletes, whether elite, weekend warrior and the like can benefit as well. Studies show that intense exercise of any kind, that it be resistance or "cardio" in nature promotes inflammation. Walking can help to counteract this. Arthur De Vany states that he sometimes takes a slow, relaxing walk just after a brief intense exercise session to help keep inflammation at bay and to raise growth hormone (GH) levels. That being said, walking has found a solid role in my lifestyle, almost daily. On that note, below is what I've been doing for the past week and half. I cannot remember workouts further back than this but they are about the same. There is no pattern, uniformity or consistency. Everything is fast, hard and brief and the exercises and days that they fall on are completely random and chaotic. Very evolutionary.

Monday 1/11/10

Walked and ran the trails at UNF with some bodyweight work intermittently for roughly one hour.
Kickboxed 12 - 3 minute rounds with one minute rest between rounds.

Tuesday 1/12/10

Walked the dog for two hours.

Wednesday 1/13/10

Walked the dog for one hour.

Thursday 1/14/10

Walked the dog for two hours.

Friday 1/15/10

Walked the dog for one hour.
Sprinted barefoot in grass: 10 sprints at approximately 12-15 seconds each with about 3 minutes rest between sprints. In between sprints, I worked pull-ups, dips, push-ups, handstands, etc. I got a one-arm pull-up (OAP) with the right hand fairly easy today. I attribute this to not working out as much and allowing my body more rest and a decrease in bodyweight (about 155lb.s now).

Saturday 1/16/10 - Wednesday 1/20/10

Walking various times, some days only 30 minutes, some an hour, some two hours.

Thursday 1/21/10

Walked for an hour.
Worked on OAP/OAC: 3x2 each arm and one arm push-ups: 3x5 each arm. I also easily did superman fingertip push-ups (Jack Lalane style) and played around with various other bodyweight movements; lots of muscle ups (fat bar and regular) back levers, handstands, semi planches and dips.
Sprinted various distances/times (lost count how many sprints I did) and threw around some kettlebells, 17lb. and 35lb. Great workout.

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