Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life can be complicated

Wednesday 1/27/10

I have it easy... compared to a lot of people (but sometimes not), I have it easy. I have a good, stable and secure job, a roof over my head, food, water and to top things off, a beautiful wife who loves me and puts up with a lot my BS. Still though, I find that just "having it easy," at times, isn't enough and, like many others, I start looking for something more; a better job, more money, a different place to live, etc, (all except a better woman, I've got that one nailed). I recently came across a statement/question by a friend on facebook that read: "where do I get these lemons?" Had to laugh, so true. Though most things in my life are taken care of, I feel as though I've been recently bombarded with negativity and "tests," if you will. Everybody's entitled to be in a rut or bad mood every now and then, the trick is coming out of it a better person. Usually, I do, but this time the "rut" is sticking around a little longer than normal and I find myself asking questions that I don't have the answers to right now. This is frustrating and preventing me from progressing forward. In short, I know the (my) answer lies somewhere, maybe not with me yet, maybe not so obvious even but, it's somewhere and I know it will present itself soon.

Activity: 2 hour broken up walk with the dog today.

Food: Breakfast: 1 cup of coffee with cream, one black, no sugar today.
-4 hard boiled eggs with one avocado mixed with chives, parsley, basil leaves, oregano and hot sauce.
-A LOT of mixed nuts and seeds
Skipped lunch
Dinner: some sliced cheese and mixed nuts. Wings and blue cheese with friends.

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