Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friday 1/22/10

Intermittent fasting for most of the day. At work and no exercise or walking; mainly just busy work. Ran calls steadily throughout the day and got annihilated at night. Lack of sleep is not a good thing.

Saturday 1/23/10

Walked the dog for two hours and then did a boxing workout (6x5 minute rounds) later in the day. I broke two of my rules of exercise: 1. worked out when not wanting to AND 2. it was not enjoyable. I basically did this to try and counter the sleepless night and give myself some energy. I couldn't (can't) sleep at all during the day (in sunny Florida). Workout really did not do any good. Eating today was a little haphazard and good but, my wife and I went to a party and I drank WAY too much wine. Feeling it this early Sunday morning.

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