Monday, October 5, 2009


Monday 10/05/09

Ah, been a way for a while again. School has been my priority and studying has been consuming all of my time. I've been in a funk lately and it's taken me longer than normal to come out of it. I think it might be work; too much non-sense training and not enough real action, call volume's been low, real low! And, I've been studying a lot, sometimes sitting in the same chair all day long, reading, reading and reading some more.

We did however, have a good shift two days ago. We finally had a structure fire first thing in the morning and then a trauma alert about midnight. Calls went well and my adrenaline was flowing. How can people sit behind a desk?

As far as workouts go, they've been good. I did push it a little hard today. The wife and I had some family over last night and the eating was all good and primal right up until the ice cream. So, I had some dark chocolate (85% Cocoa) and some Breyers Vanilla. I had a craving but, even the littlest bit throws me for a loop now. Sleep was horrible and not very long. So, I pushed it today, workout wise. Took the dog for a walk (brisk, very brisk) in the sticky Florida humidity early this morning. I guess I made him suffer along with me. Then I did a 6 exercise string of a Tabata workout. I'll probably be sore tomorrow but...

Warmed up with some GHD sit-ups and back extensions and some one-arm pull-ups with pinky finger of opposite hand for assistance.

Tabata intervals for all exercises: - 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, continue for 4 minutes (or 8 intervals) with one minute of rest between exercises. Total workout time with rest 30 minutes.
1. Kickboxing to the heavy bag
2. 100lb. sandbag clean, shoulder and throw
3. Jump rope - double unders (forward and backward), run in place fast (forward and backward)
4. Sledgehammer swings to the tire - 20lb sledgehammer first four rounds for strength; alternated sides with each round and, last four rounds were with the 8lb hammer for speed.
5. Ground and pound (kicks, elbows and punches to the heavybag on the ground.
6. Kettlebell swings ( full range of motion ROM, to over head) started with the 70 pounder, then the 50 pounder and finished with the 35 pounder.

Breakfast: Couple of hand fulls (maybe more) of almonds and walnuts thrown into a bowl with blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, coconut flakes and almond butter.

Lunch: Huge spinach and mixed greed salad with lots of left over veggies from last night's dinner

Dinner: Big fatty steak grilled with shallots and red onions and sauteed zucchini. One glass of red wine.

To note: I sold my bumper plates; hasty decision? I'm not sure. I miss them from time to time but I'm trying to simply me life. I've always been a bodyweight guy and like the fact of being able to get it all done with the minimal. So, thought I've always kept the basics, I'm now solely going back to them. Lots of one arm pulls, push-ups, sprints, plo's, oh and a lot of unilateral work, that yes, does involve some kettlebells and dumbbells. Ok, maybe not just bodyweight.

Sunday 10/4/09

One-arm kettlelbell presses
One-arm pull-ups
Standing wheel roll-outs

I was just fiddling around today, throwing around some weight and playing with skills. I didn't keep track of reps or sets.

Saturday 10/3/09

Fought fire and overhauled for 3 hours, THAT WAS MY WORKOUT!

Friday 10/2/09

4 mile beach walk with intermittent soft sand and hard sand full on sprints. Also, plunged into the water after each sprint for a full on swim sprint.

Thursday 10/1/09

Walked the dog for about an hour

Wednesday 9/30/09

Marine Rescue training. Lots of swimming, jet skiing and paddling on the paddle board.

Tuesday 9/29/09

Walked Yogi

Monday 9/28/09

Walked Yogi

Sunday 9/27/09

Rest day, at work

Saturday 9/26/09

10 - 100m sprints barefoot in the grass at UNF with the wife. Three minutes rest between sprints. I like taking 5 minutes better, more recovery.

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