Friday, August 28, 2009


Well, last night was fun! I ate good all day long and had a really good dinner (to save money) before I went to the Ale house last night with friends. I ended up having 6 rather large draught beers, 3 Dos Equis and 3 Guinness. To my surprise, I woke up early (0530) feeling like a champ but to late and a little worn out to make it out the dawn patrol surf with the fellas! I guess your body sometimes needs some good healthy dark beer and some heavy sleep.

As the title of this post suggests, yes, I seem to keep evolving (with many things it seems lately). Surfing continues to humble me but, I'm becoming more fluid and somewhat smooth. I love it! I wished I lived closer to the ocean, the drive sucks. On the other hand, I could live in Nebraska and that would really suck! My workouts have become completely disorganized and it's awesome. I find now that when I do partake in an organized workout, I don't like it anymore. I've kind of always been this way sorta, I've never really known what I was going to do until the day or minute that I decided to do it, but I don't even really do that anymore; no more organized gym sessions, no consistent routinized progressions that cause overuse injuries, just none of that anymore, it's simply not needed. I am becoming the ulimate freestyler!

I've also realized that people are deathly afraid of change, and that from now on, even when asked (and I am asked a lot) about fitness, nutrition, running barefoot, having a positive attitude, and wanting to move somewhere (other than here), etc. etc., people just don't want the answers that I provide. I think most people want justification for the way they do or see things, to make themselves feel better..., I guess. I've just felt lately that most people don't want to see other people make positive, lasting changes in their lives and succeed. That is unfortunate. I refuse to join the ranks of people who act that way and I refuse to conform to the so-called "norms" of society and/or conventional wisdom (a Mark Sisson term for all the morons who think they've got it right but deep down have to know their dead wrong). I am learning to keep my mouth shut and only give advice to those who really ask and want it.

I'm trying, learning, practicing to show/use great restraint in all aspects of my life these days. Talking quieter (and not as much) not working out hard (see above) only enjoying really good beer and really good wine with really good friends and family and after I've put in a hard day's work of some sort. Not smoking cigars (I really hate tobacco, I don't know why I indulge in this from time to time..., it's rather stupid) Not being so cynical towards the ways of the world even though that now...uh, that's right, I won't go there. Just tyring to stray away from all the instant gratification and chronic indugences that most people partake in.

School will be starting up this Monday and I'm getting myself ready. It's tough to stay motivated sometimes, especially when surrounded by many negative people. I'm getting better at separating myself from such individuals but sometimes the negativity takes its toll. Nevertheless, I'll press on and try to get all A's again this term. There is a goal in sight. Whereas my goals use to lie in the health and fitness realm (I don't know what for) they now have moved to that of education and simply having fun with my life.

Other than that, I had a huge bowl of spaghetti with garlic bread and salad tonight at the fire station. This always seems to be the meal that allows me to sleep really good and wake up feeling totally refreshed. I hope this carries on because the surf is going to be big and clean tomorrow and I need some extra energy.

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