Saturday, August 1, 2009

Month three of 5/3/1 for Deadlifts and de-load on BP

Saturday 8/1/09

Walked and sprinted with Mar and Yogi; they both quit on me early today! For being very, very sore, my sprints were light and fast today.

Workout: Deadlifts: Warm-up: 135x5, 185x3, Work sets: 235x5, 270x5, 305x3 (WEAK, WAS SUPPOSED TO GET AT LEAST 5 REPS!!!!) All I can think is that I am still way too sore from the squat PR only two days ago, my lower back is a little tender and my CNS is now completely fried from the early morning sprints (very CNS intensive). This was my last official workout for about 10 days. I am actually looking forward to this time off, it will be fun and much deserved. However, I plan to do a lot of low, low level aerobic work, i.e. walking, hiking and swimming, and plan to do some surfing and the occasional hill sprint while out on the west coast and in Hawaii. This is going to be a great trip! I haven't decided if I will continue to week two of month three for the lifts when I do resume or just do a quick recap. I think I'm going to recap so that I can bring my bench up to date with the other lifts and start fresh with everything, including becoming proficient at the snatch and clean and jerk (the O'lifts).

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