Monday, August 24, 2009

Regression..., but not

It has been a while since my last post; just before I left for Cali, and Hawaii, actually. Just before I left I hit a big PR in the back squat, squatting 230lbs. 2o times! However, my deadlift took a serious nose dive. My 1RM was sitting at 380lbs. but I just barely got 320 a week ago today. I had to reset my new 1RM to 320 and work up from there. I don't really mind the regression in the deadlift though because I have felt a ton better from all of the walking and sprints. There is no formality to my routine anymore (guess that makes it "not a routine," either). I walk, for some distance or time (always varies) almost daily, sprint once or twice a week, lift something heavy a couple times of week and, intermittently play around with bodyweight stuff. I have discovered that I would much rather do hard work, i.e. working in the yard, surfing (which, by the way is hard work and fun at the same time) and something I have done for about 5 days straight due to the hurricane off the coast. I REALLY wished I lived somewhere where I could hike all the time, a place with big hills, mountains and a better variety of terrain, environment, etc, hmmm, maybe like San Diego.

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