Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time..., Priorities?

Wednesday 06/24/09

Where does the time go? I have become extremely busy lately with way too much going on and my priorities seem to be out of whack. With the addition of my third class, which started about a month later than the other two and therefore is an accelerated course, things have become a little more chaotic. Some days I'm able to schedule and prioritize better, but not lately. Here though, is my official plan. Please, don't laugh; this plan does include some other... extracurricular activities that most definitely have to fit into my day. Below will be my day (depending on where I'm at or where I coming from in the morning) and how I would like it to pan out. The schedule, with all other things in life is subject to change and not stay on course.

Days that I wake up at home:
0530-0700 Usually wake up at this time and drink two big-ass mugs of only the finest coffee, watch some news and do some intermittent studying.
0700/0730-0800/0830 Walk/run Yogi
0830-0900 Workout
0930 Breakfast
1000-1230 Study, read, online course work, etc. EVERYTHING SCHOOL RELATED!
1230-1300 Lunch
1330-1400 Drive to beach and surf
1400-1500 Surf
1600-1800 Study again
1800-2000 Although since 1600 my wife has been home, telling me about her day and asking me about mine with a host of other "womanly" questions that I still don't really have the answers for, this time is complete devotion to her and the pup. Helping with dinner, drinking wine, eating dinner and probably watching some comedy, listening to some music... or watching some Bill O' Reily.
2100-2200/maybe 2300- Intermittent studying, trying reorganize and make sure I'm on track for the next day.
2300 Sleep...

Days that I wake up and go to the station:
0530 Wake up
0530-07000 Drink lots of coffee, maybe study, but probably watch a lethal combination of local news, Fox news, Univision music videos, Gala programming or some DVR'd HDNET fights or WEC Wreckage, make food for the day, get work related stuff ready, etc.
0700-0730 Leave for work.
0800-0800 (The next day, 24hours) Run calls, train, MAKE TIME TO STUDY, possibly get a short workout in, and make more time for more studying. Hopefully I get good sleep on these night, but not always and not likely, especially if I'm on rescue. Not cool.

Days that I wake up at the station:
0600-0700 Wake up
0700-0800 Drink lots of coffee, wash trucks (maybe) and bullshit with my boys (the crew, the A-team, the 12/9 Dream Team)
0800 Eat breakfast at station or in the car on my way to the surf spot.
0830/0900-1200 Surf
1230-1300 Workout
1330 Lunch
1400-1800 Study
1800-2000 Family devotion time
2000-2300 More studying.
2300- Sleep...

Well, there it is... my plan that I really need to try and adhere to. The time really is there, it's just a matter of cutting out the bullshit. The bullshit for me you might ask? Well, anything conventional, i.e. T.V., video games (I don't play these anyway), too much internet surfing (my weakness), long and arduous time-consuming workouts (simply not needed) and any other mind-numbing, media driven time wasters. My life revolves around me DOING GOOD and completing school (short term: nurse prereqs., mid term: R.N., mid/long-term: BSN, long term: CRNA.), not being selfish and allowing my dog to get some exercise, as well as teaching my wife, getting myself some good quality exercise (minimal time, minimal movements, minimal equipment, all natural, super fucking heavy and super fucking fast) all geared towards allowing me to complete my education so I can love what I do and get paid a shitload of money for it and with the workouts designed to get me that much better at surfing and having fun enjoying activities that I love to do.

On a side note, I'm still kicking ass on the 5/3/1 program. I can feel that I am getting strong as fuck and I like how I'm incorporating the O'lifts into the mix. I hope it is not a fluke, but the way I've felt over the pat couple of days and the energy that I've had have been amazing. I hope it continues right on.

Wednesday 06/17/09

Rest day, at work

Thursday 06/18/09


Back squat, can't remember what my sets and reps were. Then, I went to the lifeguard competition, fun stuff, and then drank beer afterwards, even more good stuff.

Friday 06/19/09

Kick box: 12x3 minute rounds with one minute rest between rounds.

Saturday 06/20/09

Rest day, at work. Lots of studying and lots of work completed. Took a long nap.

Father's Day, Sunday 06/21/09

Walk and sprint with Yogi for about one hour

Warm-up, played around with handstands, levers, etc.

Workout: Deadlift: 5 reps, 3 reps, max reps. I can't remember all the reps, but I know I pulled 320lbs. 7 times, fairly easily.

Monday 06/22/09

Walk and sprint with Yogi for about one hour

Workout: Deload week: Overhead presses, 3 sets of 5 reps of a rather light weight.

Front lever pull-ups: 3x5

Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds

Played around with flags and handstands

Tuesday 06/23/09

At work


Workout: Clean and Jerks: 1x5 at 115lbs. 1x5 at 135lbs. 1x5 at 155lbs. Felt great
Bench press: 5,3, and max reps: 1x5 at 145lbs. 1x3 at 160lbs. 1x11 at 180lbs.

Later in the evening we did Marine Rescue training from about 1900-2200. Nothing life paddling and swimming in the ocean at night. Awesome.

Wednesday 06/24/09

Rest day but, paddled on the paddleboard for over an hour and for probably a couple of miles.

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