Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The beginning of 5/3/1

Saturday 05/30/09

At work at the station but worked on finding my max bench press, only 215lbs. not very good.

Sunday 05/31/09


Skills: handstands, L-sits on the rings, flags for about 30 minutes.

Workout: Deadlift: warm-ups sets: 1x5 at 135lbs., work sets: 1x1 at 225lbs., 1x1 at 295lbs. 1x1 at 335lbs. 1x1 at 350lbs., 1x1 at 365lbs. 1x1 at 380lbs. (match PR)

I was simply trying to find my 1RM for the deadlift so I can start a new program. Even with a long layoff from deadlifts, I still matched my personal best. Unbelievable.

Went out with friends to the beach and bar. Got really drunk and ate lots of pizza and chocolate..., come to think of it, a good recovery meal!

Monday 6/1/09


Skill work: very minor skill work today with just trying to feel the movement of the planche, practiced rocking from feet to hands and trying to squeeze my traps, lats, pecs and deltoids as I lean as far forward as I can possibly comfortably manage, without falling. Wasn't too comfortable, the planche isn't supposed to be.

Went to the park and practiced some short sprints, muscle-ups, levers, skin the cats for about 45 minutes.

Tuesday 6/2/09

Rest day, at work

Vehicle extrication for Spec Ops, was in and out of bunker gear for about 2.5 hours sweating my ass off carrying and manipulating various pieces of heavy equipment simulating cutting entrapped victims out of automobiles. Intensive training, good stuff.

Wednesday 6/3/09

Ah, so the program begins, or re-begins. With a much needed layoff (I feel) I am back (hopefully for good) full throttle into the strength and power stuff again. I'm following Wenler's 5/3/1 program centered around the 4 big lifts: the overhead press, the squat, the bench press, and the deadlift. I took all last week finding my current maxes for each. Today, I started with the press. Of course, the program discusses assistance exercises and such, but I have my own for that. Because the program only requires one lift a day (beautiful) I have so much time for my gymnastic skills and strength moves and some other O'lifts.

I am going to create a template for the different workouts I'm going to be doing. ALL workouts will begin with a warm-up, probably the official crossfit warm-up because it utilizes the most muscle groups through a full range of motion and gets a good sweat going. Warming up is so key, I believe that all of the injuries that I have sustained have been to inefficient warming up. Next will ALWAYS follow skill work. Skill work should be done when fresh so the body does not create bad habits. For instance handstand are part of my skill work. Why would I put them at the end when fatigued from a workout when form will only be sloppy and sub par? After the skill work, the workout begins. It will usually be a planche/front lever static or dynamc, then I will move onto an O'lift such as the clean and jerk or snatch, then one of the BIG lifts (full body compound movement) then the remaining assistance exercises, i.e. RTO dips, weighted dips, OAC/OAP, weighted pull-ups, HSPU's PPPU's, one-arm push-ups, body rows, etc. All workouts will finish with stretching and/or cool down. Today's workout for instance will be called A1 and went as follows:

CFWU X 3 - 25 minutes (a little lengthy today)

Skill work - 20 minutes: handstands and press to handstands on parallettes and ground, flags (side levers) rotating right and left sides.

Workout: Tuck planche holds: 10x6 seconds/Adv. front tuck lever PU's: 2x5, 3x3

Power cleans: warm-ups sets: 1x5 at 115lbs. 1x5 at 135lbs., work sets: 1x5 at 155lbs. 1x5 at 165lbs. 1x5 at 170lbs.

Overhead press: 1x5 at 95lbs. (65%), 1x5 at 110lbs.(75%), 1x8 at 125lbs. (85%)

OAC/OAP: 3x2 each arm, assisted with alternate arm and two fingers offset on the bar, slow negative comedowns

RTO dips: 3x3

Stretch/cool down.

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