Monday, April 20, 2009

A rough week/weedend

Wednesday 04/15/09

At work, was on jet skis and sleds all day "training" in the Ocean.

Thursday 04/16/09

Paddled out in the ocean EARLY in the morning (was still slightly dark) and watched the sun come up. Paddled for approx. one hour and probably a couple miles.

Hung my 2" diameter, 20ft climbing rope at Station 18 and messed around on it and doing pull-ups on trees and such.

Took Yogi for a walk/sprint at the parkour loop. Did lots of sprints, planches, MU's, levers, handstands and such. This was a really good workout.

Ate lots of pizza for dinner at Renna's (good pizza) and drank too much beer.

Friday 04/17/09

Shadow boxed: 12x3 minute rounds with one minute rest and core work between rounds.

Went to the rock climbing wall. Was very fun, but I was very humbled. My forearms were sore for days.

Ate lots of Mexican and drank lots of beer for lunch. This is where the downward spiral began for the weekend.

Lots of artificial carbs, sugars, candy, etc with dinner and lots of wine tonight. Hard to sleep, feel like crap.

Saturday 04/18/09

Had to take a rest day, WAAAAY LOW ON ENERGY, POOR, POOR, POOR EATING THE TWO NIGHTS BEFORE. I had too much sugar and way too much alcohol, my body is in a complete fog and is completely shut down. This sucks!

Sunday 04/19/09

Surfed for about one and half hours. Not feeling it today.

Kickboxed: 12x3 minute rounds with core work in between rounds.

Ate more crap today/tonight. Too much endurance work is probably fueling the carb binge/overload. Not good. Lots of beer at the Greek Eater festival.

Monday 04/20/09

My own Tabata workout: 20 seconds of intense work, 10 seconds of rest, 4 minutes each exercise.

2. 20lb. sledgehammer swings on tire.
3. Ground and pound on the heavy bag
4. Double unders
5. 100lb sandbag clean and shoulder
6. punches and kick to hanging heavybag.

This is such a badass workout. I felt better after this. Nutrition is back on track and I am feeling much better. I did some research on fish oil supplements and bought some Carlson's liquid fish oil formula. We'll see how it goes. I'm feeling pretty damn good today. Again, going against the grain is my thing. I know how shitty nutrition makes me feel. I will not fall victim to other people's shit way of eating or pathetic ways of working out. What I do works and this weekend all but proved it. I certainly love to indulge on good beer, wine and crap food from time to time, but this weekend I certainly over did it and my mood and body paid the price. I also smoked too many cigars this week (while at the fire station) something again, I really find no purpose in doing. Back on track now!

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