Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday 04/10/09

Kickboxing: 6x5 minute rounds on the heavybag with one minute rest between rounds. Sluggish today, no power behind any of the punches or kicks, basically just a workout to get the kinks out.

Saturday 04/11/09

Shadow kickboxing: 6x5 minute rounds with core work in between. More energy this morning, nice and humid outside so I worked up a good sweat. Fairly fluid kicks and snappy punches, felt good.

Followed this up with a nice HUGE breakfast, good coffee and a mimosa. I work tomorrow so today's my Easter. Will probably demolish some Cadburry Eggs later!

I had planned to head out to the ocean about 0600 this morning, but it was too windy and there's still no waves! Where is the surf? I'm working at the beach tomorrow (Station 9) so I'll probably paddle out before shift, waves or not, we'll see.

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