Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tuesday 10/12/10

Walked Yogi for an hour.


Kickboxed: 6x5 minute rounds with a minute of rest in between rounds.

One-arm dumbbell snatch: 1x3 @ 35lbs., 1x3 @ 50lbs., 1x3 @ 65lbs. 1x3 @ 80lbs., 1x3 @ 90lbs.
Incline Chest Fly: 1x5 @ 25lbs., 1x5 @ 30lbs., 1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x5 @ 40lbs., 1x5 @ 45lbs.

Deadlift: 1x3 @ 135lbs., 1x3 @ 225lbs., 1x3 @ 300lbs., 1x3 @ 315lbs., 1x3 @ 335lbs.
Overhead Press: 1x3 @ 35lbs. 1x3 @ 50lbs., 1x3 @ 65lbs., 1x3 @75lbs.(push press), 1x3 @ 80lbs.(push press)

Assisted One-arm pull/chin ups: 5x2 (each arm)
Incline Dumbbell Presses: 1x5 @ 40lbs., 1x5 @ 50lbs., 1x5 @ 60lbs., 1x5 @ 65lbs., 1x1 @ 70lbs.,(failed, had to regress to 50lbs. for 5 more reps).

Rested approx. 4-5 minutes between same exercises (approx 2-3 minutes between each exercise) and performed various planks during the rest interval.

Monday 10/11/10

Walked Yogi for an hour. Walked myself for another hour.

Sunday 10/10/10

At work. Walked on the treadmill for an hour. I had to do something today. BORING.

Saturday 10/9/10

Walked Yogi for an hour. Cut the grass for an hour. Swept. Foam rolled and stretched for an hour.

Friday 10/8/10

Walked Yogi for an hour.

Kettlebell clean and jerks:
1x3 @ 35lbs., 1x3 @ 55lbs., 1x3 @ 70lbs.
Muscle-ups: 1x3 @ bodyweight, 1x3 @ 17lbs., 1x2 @ 35lbs.,

Pistols: 1x3 @ bodyweight, 1x3 @ 17lbs., 1x3 @ 35lbs., 2x3 @ 55lbs., 1x2 @ 70lbs., I did not mean to do two sets of 55lbs; picked up the wrong weight.
Incline Ring Flies: 5x7

Kettlebell swings:
1x10 @ 35lbs.(each arm), 1x10 @ 55lbs.(each arm), 1x10 @ 70lbs.(both arms)
Incline Ring Push-ups: 5x5

Weighted pull-ups: 1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x4 @ 55lbs., 1x3 @ 70lbs.
Weighted dips: 1x5 @ 35lbs., 1x4 @ 55lbs., 1x3 @ 70lbs.

Thursday 10/7/10

At work. Did nothing.

Wednesday 10/6/10

Walked Yogi.

Tuesday 10/5/10

12x3 minute rounds with one minute of rest between rounds.

10 sprints lasting approx. 15 seconds each with 5 minutes rest between.

Over the past few weeks I've been having some high quality and steady workouts coupled with my nutrition being spot on. I have noticed a few things however. 1. My body simply does not respond to high volume and frequent exercise, PERIOD. This past Friday, I performed a workout that was almost 2 hours long (ridiculous) trying to "get in" a bunch of different exercises. I felt great for the remainder of the day but, for the next two days, I was unbelievably sore, making daily tasks and overall movement unenjoyable (which, an effective workout should not do) and, due to the high volume of this workout, blew up my body. I believe I've stated this before on here but, I train for strength, mobility and flexibility which, in the grand scheme of things means I'm training for health and longevity. I have no desire to pack on an unnatural amount of muscle or to lift an unrealistic amount of weight. That being said; I've noticed that any exercise I do above 5 reps and I get that sarcoplasmic muscle "volume pump." On the other hand, when I keep my sets to 5 and my reps to between 3 and 5 (with 3 being optimal), my body and hence my mood respond favorably; no debilitating soreness, no muscle pump, just a good heavy lifting session. As far as nutrition is concerned, I think there certainly is a fine line between too perfect and what I'd like the call the "whatever" factor. What I mean by this is that I have not really noticed a huge difference when my diet is absolutely perfect which, is subjective anyway. I mean really, what's perfect to me may not be perfect to the next guy. One thing I've been telling myself lately is that "life happens." Good shit happens, bad shit happens. Sometimes a workout is good, sometimes a workout sucks. Sometimes I feel like eating chicken and veggies, sometimes I want a large pizza coupled with wine and/or beer followed up by some ice cream and chocolate. And no, I'm not looking for gluten-free either. Know why? Because I can do that. I love to live life which to me means, being active and doing things that I love to do. I surf, I walk, I workout hard in the gym, I workout hard in nature, I MOVE. I also, have great friends and surround myself with others who also live healthy and active lifestyles. Sometimes, these people, myself included, want pizza and beer and we stay up late consuming it. Hey, life happens, right? So, though I'm obviously a ridiculously healthy eater (because I love and appreciate good, real, and whole foods) and consider myself to predominantly be a "paleo" eater, I also love bad, "not so healthy" food from time to time and find no real noticeable difference in body comp and/or mood when I do this every once in a while. NOT EVERY DAY or even multiple times per week; EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE.

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